Friday, April 30, 2004

On the lighter side...

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The effects of the War On Terror

Many people claim that we are not actually at war, or if we are, that the Bush Administration is running an ineffective war. It is hard to defend that statement in light of the fact that there were fewer terror attacks in the year 2003 than there have been since 1969, even counting civilians killed in Iraq. This is fantastic news for the entire world, and President Bush and the U.S. military deserve the credit.

Get the facts here.

The Outsourcing Bogeyman

We have all heard John Kerry use "Outsourcing" as a word to strike fear in the hearts of American workers. He claims that President Bush has sent all of our jobs over seas while millions of American workers are without work. Daniel Drezner has an excellent article in Foreign Affairs on the true effect of outsourcing and consequences on John Kerry's promised protectionism.

The Outsourcing Bogeyman


The September 11 commission is a joke. It is unfortunate, but it is true. The Democrats on the commission have turned it into a partisan hack squad. From the drama queen antics of Richard Clarke, to the refusal of one of the commissioners to testify after it was discovered she in fact bore almost sole responsibility for the creation of the much talked about "wall" between federal agencies, to the commissioners elbowing their way in front of cameras every weekend to publicly state foredrawn conclusions, or in the case of last weekend, to actually mock President Bush for appearing with Dick Cheney. It is odd they mocked the President for appearing with Cheney, but didn't mock President Clinton even though he appeared with his Defense Secretary, Sandy Berger, and his attorney Laurence Lindsey. If all of that is not enough to convince you that the commission is a joke and that the commissioners aren't taking their work seriously, then maybe this story will drive the point home.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Why is this not more widely reported?

Media Bias? No, couldn't be. This is a huge story that is not being reported on in the main stream press. We wrote about this in previous posts, and the Wall Street Journal does a fantastic job of summarizing the events:

Wall Street Journal

Al Qaeda's Poison Gas
The foiled attack in Jordan might have killed thousands.

Jordanian authorities say that the death toll from a bomb and poison-gas attack they foiled this month could have reached 80,000. We guess the fact that most major media are barely covering this story means WMD isn't news anymore until there's a body count.
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi--the man cited by the Bush Administration as its strongest evidence of prewar links between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, and the current ringleader of anti-coalition terrorism in Iraq--may be behind the plot, which would be al Qaeda's first ever attempt to use chemical weapons. The targets included the U.S. Embassy in Amman. Yet as of yesterday, most news organizations hadn't probed the story, if at all, beyond the initial wire-service copy.

Perhaps the problem here is that covering this story might mean acknowledging that Tony Blair and George W. Bush have been exactly right to warn of the confluence of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Jordan's King Abdullah called it a "major, major operation" that would have "decapitated" his government. "Anyone who doubts the terrorists' desire to obtain and use these weapons only needs to look at this example," said Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

More details of the plot emerged Monday night with the dramatic broadcast on Jordanian television of confessions from the terror cell's leader and associates. The idea apparently was to crash trucks--fitted with special battering rams and filled with some 20 tons of explosives--through the gates of targets that included the U.S. Embassy, the Jordanian Prime Minister's office and the national intelligence headquarters. The explosions notwithstanding, the real damage was reportedly to come from dispersing a toxic cloud of chemicals, which included nerve and blister agents.

Anonymous U.S. officials have been quoted playing down the WMD wrinkle, suggesting the chemicals may have been meant to merely amplify a conventional explosion. But then much of our "intelligence" bureaucracy is still wedded to the discredited notion that secular tyrants and fundamentalist terrorists don't cooperate (see Hezbollah). They may also be defensive about their earlier, dismissive assessments of Zarqawi's significance.

Plotter Hussein Sharif Hussein was shown on Jordanian television saying the aim was "carrying out the first suicide attack to be launched by al Qaeda using chemicals." A Jordanian scientist described a toxic cloud that could have spread for a mile or more. So was it really a foiled WMD attack? Here's hoping someone is trying to get to the bottom of this.

The provenance of the operation is also of note. The bomb trucks and funds are said to have entered Jordan via Syria. Last fall General James R. Clapper Jr., director of satellite intelligence for the Pentagon, said there had been an unusual amount of traffic--including possibly WMDs--between Iraq and Syria in the lead-up to war.
The terror cell's ringleader, Jordanian Azmi Jayyousi, said he was acting on the orders of Zarqawi, whom he first met at an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan: "I took courses, poisons high level, then I pledged allegiance to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." Mr. Jayyousi said this attack had been plotted from Zarqawi's new base of operations in Iraq. A Jordanian court sentenced Zarqawi to death this month for plotting the 2002 murder of U.S diplomat Laurence Foley in Amman.

Prime Minister Blair has said it's simply "a matter of time unless we act and take a stand before terrorism and weapons of mass destruction come together." According to Jordanian authorities, that sometime was intended to be last week. That strikes us as news.

Let's hope that this story is followed and leads to the missing WMD.

CBS/NYTimes Poll-The Truth and the numbers you need to know.

This poll, which all pundits in the media will try to spin as a bad sign for the President, came out today and holds some surprising information under the surface. This breakdown is from RealClearPolitics, linked at the right:

Article about the poll

What they don't tell you:

THE NUMBERS YOU NEED TO KNOW: Even after oversampling Democrats (35%) and Independents (36%) and undersampling Republicans (29%), CBS/NYT got the following result: Bush up 2 points on Kerry (43-41) in the three-way race among registered voters. I'm pretty sure that's not what they expected.

Yes, the poll shows - as other recent ones have - that the public has become much less sanguine about the situation in Iraq, but it also shows some surprisingly good news for President Bush:

Voters approve of the way the President is handling the war on terror 60-32 (+28). That's a positive 4-point swing since the last poll at the beginning of April.
When asked whether each candidate "says what he believes" Bush holds a 24-point advantage over Kerry (53-29).
Bush also holds a 9-point lead over Kerry as someone voters say they would "like personally" (57-48) and a 10-point lead over Kerry when asked who shares their "moral values" (68-58).
The big news to take away from the CBS News/NYT poll isn't that support for the war is down but that President Bush got such strong ratings in a sample that was skewed badly against him and in favor of John Kerry.

Notice that the article tries to skew outcome of the poll.

Thanks again to RealClearPolitics

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Democrats Dig Deeper

The gears are coming off of the Democratic Party as they sink lower and lower in their rhetoric. In case you did not know, unless you served in Vietnam, you are a "chicken hawk" and you cannot have an opinion on issues of national security.

Here is the link of the esteemed Senator from New Jersey. This is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the United States.


Heavy Fighting in Fallujah

The Marines are engaged in heavy fighting...

Heavy Fighting

Democrats confuse reality, movies

Fox is releasing a movie called "The Day After Tomorrow". This will be another in a long line of ridiculous disaster movies. This subject of this one is the impending doom from global warming. In their desperate attempt to make everything and anything a political issue, the Dems are planning an event to correspond with the release of the movie. Al Gore will give a speech, where he will undoubtedly say (scream?) that every ridiculous special effect disaster in the movie will come true if George Bush is re-elected. Read about this pathetic ridiculousness here.

It is worth remembering that is the organization that is funding John Kerry's campaign.
This should only serve to highlight the fact that the Democrats are not serious enough to be allowed to run the country.

Please don't go!

The hum of voices talking about the need for John Kerry to be replaced as the Democratic nominee is beginning to get louder. Hugh Hewitt, who's blog is linked at the right, has been warning of the Toreccelli option for several weeks. Read his article here. John Kerry was "Hardball" with Chris Matthews yesterday (transcript). Everytime John Kerry appears in public, it becomes harder to imagine that he could be elected, however he will win California and New York, which puts him just a few states from victory. It is unfortunate that two states, California and New York will always keep the Democratic nominee in the running no matter how radical he may be. To help keep Kerry out of office make a donation to the Bush re-election campaign here. John Kerry has the monetary backing of organizations like, an organization that was set up to exploit the new campaign finance reform laws. These groups can gather money from anywhere in the world and are not subject to the laws that limit the average citizen from donating to a candidate.

Iraq's WMD

The story of Saddam's WMD is not over, in fact it may just be getting started. There have been several developments in the last few weeks that indicate that we may soon find out where Saddam hid the weapons the entire world knows he had. A couple of weeks ago a story appeared in the briefly in the news that a chemical attack had been thwarted in Amman, Jordan. The story disappeared as quickly as it came. Then on Monday April 26 the story reappeared. The ringleader of the terror cell in Jordan said he had visited Iraq in January to work out the terror strike with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a terrorist with ties to Al-queda. Jordanian officials seized tons of chemicals from the terrorist within days of the attack.

Yesterday, Syrian officials claimed to be locked in an hour long gun battle
with suspected "terrorists". At this point there in no way to know what is actually going on in Syria. The terrorist story that the Syrian government is putting out seems thin. It has been alleged since the eve of the invasion of Iraq that Saddam's WMD's were moved from Iraq via convoys of semi's to the desert of Syria and buried. Read the article regarding this here. And a more recent article here.
If this is true, and if the U.S. government has as much evidence to the fact as these articles suggest, it is impossible to imagine the US not putting pressure on Syria for access to these sites. The Syrian government can not openly allow the United States into their country without a valid reason. A "terrorist threat" could give the Syrian government some room for cooperation with the US.

The event that is most notable on this issue however is John Kerry's sudden change in stance on Iraq's WMD. Although it is not a shock that he flip-flopped on ani issue, what is most telling is the contortions he was going through to hedge against all possible finds of WMD. This occurred on yesterdays "Hardball with Chris Matthews". This interview with John Kerry is remarkable for many reasons, (look for more on this in the next post) but the most remarkable moment comes when Kerry states that we could still find the weapons in the next month or two, but that we did not find them in the form the administration said we would find them, in artillery shells. This is after accusing the President and Vice President of lieing about the weapons for months. (Nevermind that John Kerry stated before the war that Saddam was a threat because of his WMD including nuclear weapons) Why would Kerry change so drastically and so suddenly and then in his awkwardness state something so specific as artillery shells. Read about the "Hardball" interview here. It is hard to say. This could simply be another example of John Kerry's daily flip-flopping and hedging on all issues. However he could be covering himself for something he already knows, that the weapons have been found.

The aforementioned occurrences could have no relation to one another, but it does seem that the story of the WMD's is not over.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Year of Attacks

Al-Queda is threatening a "Year of Attacks" on the United States. Is this the Spain effect? Read the article here.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Breaking News

Jordanian officials prevent terror attack in Amman:

Terror Plot Foiled

Hypocrisy Perfected

The Democratic Party, led by John Kerry and the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Terry McAuliffe, has perfected hypocrisy. It is an art with them. Terry McAulliffe, the man who on national television accused George Bush of being AWOL, and later called him a deserter, has called on Republicans to call of their "attack-dogs". He said this in response to the segment on Good Morning America this morning that questioned Kerry's honesty regarding his military medals (see previous posts below). The Democratic Party has made it part of their strategy to cry "McCarthyism" any time anyone questions either John Kerry's voting record or his contradictions. If a candidate considers his opponent questioning his voting record an attack, it says more about the voting record than the opponent.

Read McAulliffe's statement here.

Kerry's Medals Update

John Kerry appeared on Good Morning America to defend his many stances and statements on his medals. He was responding to a video found and played by ABC news that showed him stating that he threw his medals over the White House Fence. Charlie Gibson from Good Morning America actually tried to call him on his discrepancies, and John Kerry got very angry and very flustered.

Read the transcript here.

Here is a game: Try to make sense out if anything John Kerry says in this exchange. Post your translation of what he says under comments for others to read. Fun for all!

John Kerry: President of the Tin Foil Hat Club

The Kerry campaign, realizing that they have not been able to erode the American people's trust in George W. Bush, is planning to turn this week to attacking Dick Cheney. What will they attack him on? Well, among other things his connections to Halliburton (screams of horror in the background). Ahh yes, the Halliburton conspiracy has gone mainstream with the Kerry campaign. He ran an ad earlier stating that the Iraq War was the first time a corporation had been allowed to invade a country... really, can anything more be said about this. It is depressing when a party takes the campaign for the most powerful and important position in the world down the road of conspiracy and innuendo. This attack on corporate America is the logical step for a party that has slowly allowed its radical left wing to become its main stream. This is a sad state of affairs for everyone.

Read it here.

I did! I didn't! I sort of did! I Never said I did! Oh, you taped it?

This is exasperating. John Kerry threw his medals over the White House fence (on t.v.) upon his return from Vietnam and stated that he was proud to do so in protest. Then when he was running for office and needed votes, he said they were actually someone else's medals, and that he only threw "ribbons" over the fence. Now on his website he declares that episode is a "right-wing" myth aimed to discredit him, and that he never implied that he threw his medals over the fence. Well when you give nationally aired TV interviews they tend to be archived somewhere. ABC news has obtained a copy of an interview with John Kerry where he states unequivocally that he not only threw his medals but also that he went beyond that and threw his other decorations as well.

Why does this matter? To many Americans, including Vietnam veterans the act in and of itself is offensive and disqualifies him for the Presidency. But more than that, it is yet another example of John Kerry's inability to tell the truth or take a stand on any issue. It also highlights what he must think of the intellect of the average American. The second reason this is of importance is that John Kerry's career and votes as an elected official have mirrored the attitudes he expressed upon his return from Vietnam. Had he been angry when he returned, made these dramatic actions, and then realized through maturity or hindsight that he had been incorrect, this episode would have no place in the news this election season. However, John Kerry has voted against almost all of the new weapons systems he has had the opportunity to. He has voted to slash the intelligence services, so extreme was his proposal that he could not even get the support of other liberals. He voted against the first Gulf War. He voted for action in Iraq when it suited him politically, but has now said that the President misled Congress into believing that it was a vote merely for the threat of force. He the later voted against the $87 billion supplement or in his words, "I actually voted for the $87 billion, before I voted against it".

John Kerry was in 1971 a radical leftist regarding national security, and his votes throughout his career prove that that hasn't changed. We are at war, and unfortunately will be for the foreseeable future. The defense of this country, at home and abroad, cannot be handed to a 1970's anti-war radical. That is what John Kerry is, and that is why his actions from thirty years ago are still an issue.

Read the ABC news story regarding his medals here.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Update on North Korean Explosion

The secretive North Korean regime has allowed aide workers into the country to help with the disaster they claim was caused by the explosion of an ammonium nitrate hauling cargo train. Estimates of dead have ranged from 50 to 3,000, but considering their are reports that buildings over three miles away were destroyed it is hard to imagine that the number will be towards the low end. There are rumors circulating that this was an assassination attempt on Kim Jong Il who had passed through the station at some point during the day returning from vacation in China (where else can brutal communist dictators vacation?). I have linked the story as well as photos that show the devastation. In a quick review of the photos I found it odd that there seemed to be one thing missing that would help corroborate the North Korean governments story: train cars that would have been destroyed and thrown, presumably, through the air. There is no chance that we will get the real story of what happened, but it is certain that the U.S. government is not taking the story put out by the North Korean government at face value.

Read the story here.

See the photos here.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

The War on Iraq

This is a very important article that helps explain not only the current happenings in Iraq, but also the overall connection between Iraq and Al-Queda and Iraq and terrorism in general.

The War on Iraq

Then as Now...

In a recent speech, Assistant Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz closed with these remarks from Winston Churchill's diary:

"I knew the United States now was in the war up to the neck. So we have won after all," Churchill said, four years before the war actually ended. And he went on to talk about "silly people here in England [not just in Germany or in enemy countries] who," in his words, "discounted the force of the United States.

"Some said the Americans were soft, others that they would never be united. They would fool around at a distance. They would never come to grips. They couldn't stand the bloodletting. Their democracy and system of recurrent elections, these people were saying, would paralyze the American war effort. They would be just a vague blur on the horizon to friend or foe. Now," these people said, "we would see the weakness of this numerous, remote, wealthy, and talkative people."

"But," Churchill said, "I had studied the American Civil War fought out to the last desperate inch. American blood flowed in my veins. I thought of a remark which Edward Grey [the British Foreign Minister] had made to me more than 30 years before" as the United States entered the First World War. Grey had said "that the United States is like 'a gigantic boiler. Once the fire is lighted under it, there is no limit to the power it can generate.'"

Wolfowitz concluded his speech with a fitting imprecation:
May God bless the heroes of our armed services who serve our country so nobly and so well. And may God bless this wonderful country.


About The Name Of This Blog

This blog is of course named after an address delivered by Ronald Reagan on October 27, 1964, (broadcast on NBC) on behalf of Barry Goldwater. The speech, "A Time For Choosing" rallied conservatives and raised over $8 million for the Goldwater campaign. It soon became known as "The Speech", because of the enormous impact it made on the country and on Ronald Reagan's career. Although many of his speeches are among the most memorable in the history of American politics, A Time For Choosing is still considered to be one of the best if not the best speech of his career. Many of the philosophies outlined in the speech became the foundation of Ronald Reagan's Presidency. Although the speech is now 40 years old, it is as relevant today as the day it was first delivered. The differences between Republicans and Democrats and conservatives and liberals are just as true (even more so in many cases) as they were in 1964, and the last few paragraphs in particular set forth the same moral choices Americans must make today. Remove the word communism and replace it with terrorism and this speech could be delivered by President Bush as a campaign speech highlighting the differences between he and his opponent and their parties.

"The Speech"

Friday, April 23, 2004

Today's Must Read

Victor Davis Hanson may be the clearest voice in the media regarding the war on terror and military history in general. He has a fantastic piece on National Review that refutes the current myths regarding the war in Iraq. I have also linked to his website under Voice of Clarity. Please read and encourage others to do so.

Myth or Reality?

Kerry's Records Update

Disclaimer:. It is not my intent to judge the content of John Kerry's military record. I do not have the authority to do that. I am not interested in their content, I am interested in whether or not he lied to America on national television.

If you have not been following the story of John Kerry's military records let me recap. The story actually began several months ago when Terry McAulliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, went on national television accused President Bush of being AWOL and challenged him to release all of his military records. This led to a three week media campaign to "uncover the truth about President Bush's military record". President Bush went on Meet the Press and agreed to release all of his records. He did, to the point of releasing his dental records. Of course he was never AWOL, it was all a vicious, basless attack on his character. John Kerry initially refused to release all but a few records. In his Meet the Press interview he first said that all of his records were available to view at his headquarters but that he would not release them to the public. The following day when reporters showed up to view the records they were denied access (see previous post below). Two days later responding to increasing pressure, John Kerry said he was waiting to get his records from the Navy and would post them on his website by the end of the day (didn't he say they were available at his headquarters? How could they be available if he had not received them from the Navy?). After several days, the Kerry campaign began posting some records on his website, but stated that not allrecords would be available as promised by John Kerry. The records that were posted have now been available long enough to undergo initial scrutiny by people qualified to comment on them, i.e. other veterans. The first reaction is that the records are incomplete, and lo and behold it seems that some of the records he posted that contain descriptions of firefights and daring missions aren't his. Not only did Kerry's campaign post these records, they sent mass emails out with further descriptions of the firefights as a testiment to Kerry's leadership and bravery. The problem is they aren't his records. So two questions: 1.) Why did Kerry post and brag about someone else's military record? 2) Will he ever fulfill the promise he made on national television to release all of his military records?

Find the story re: the wrong records here.

Patriot, Football Star Killed In Afghanistan

Pat Tillman killed

Update on the U.N. Oil for Terror Program

If you have read earlier posts, you will remember that Claudia Rosett from The Wall Street Journal uncovered the massive fraud that was the U.N. Oil for Food program. Below is a link to the transcript of her testimony before the House Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations.


The next time someone espouses the Kerry plan of returning on our knees to the U.N., hand them a copy of this testimony.

Update on North Korea Train Crash

From 3,000 dead we have now gone to 54. However if you read this article you will notice that the level of purported devastation and the total number killed does not add up, sort of like everything else about North Korea.


People Don't Really Know Me

John Kerry's new campaign ad has John Kerry telling us that "most people really don't know my military record". For those of you who don't, here is a chance to get to know him.


The Right Choice on Missile Defense

This mornings Investors Business Daily has a fine article on the status of the missile defense system and the abuse by the left that the Bush Administration is taking in trying to defend the country.

Missile Defense

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Crop Dusters Investigated

Why we can never let our guard down.

Crop dusters investigated

John Kerry Caught in Hypocrisy, Blames Wife

If you thought that John Kerry's statement "I actually voted for the $87 Billion, before I voted against it" was incredible, this story may take your breathe away. Statements like this, which demonstrate John Kerry's complete inability to take a stance on anything make this (from the 2002 Senate race) a possibility again for the Democrats. Undoubtedly the Dems will find a court that will allow them to undermine the law and replace Kerry the weekend before the presidential election.

Kerry Right on Major Position!..Oh Wait, Nevermind, He Flipped.

It seems that John Kerry was right on an issue at one point, but has of course changed positions. This story is just developing. John Kerry is going to attend a pro-abortion rally this weekend in Washington D.C. A person whose stances and statements are based on core beliefs would find it very difficult to flip from pro-life to pro-abortion. However, a person that has no core values, whose beliefs reflect whatever special interest group they might be trying to appeal to at a particular time, would have no problem with the transition. Do not expect to see this on the Today Show, it will be buried by the press.

Flip and Flop


Thousands reported Killed in North Korean crash.


Excellent Article

Hugh Hewitt has an excellent article re: John Kerry's plan to bow before that alter of the UN if he is elected.

Man of Apology

This Morning's Must Read

Mohammed at Iraq the Model has a post that every American and the leaders of the UN, Spain, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic should have to read. In the next few days Americans will hear the Democratic Party and their allies in the press latch on to recent statements By General Richard Meyers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others in the Department of Defense that the cost of the war will increase due to the need to keep more soldiers in Iraq. This is an interesting subject. At what price in dollars do the Democrats feel the war is no longer worth it? What is the amount at which they believe it would have been better to leave Saddam Hussein in power, and 25 million Iraqis enslaved? If the war is right, then it is right despite whatever monetary cost there may be in the future. If the war is right, it is right whether or not the corrupt, feckless United Nations agrees with it. The judgment of what is morally right is not determined by the United Nations and does not come with a price cap. The United States, as the "Shining City on a Hill" has the obligation to lead the world, and not allow tyranny to reign and people to be enslaved because fighting it will make us unpopular.

In the next few days when the leaders of the Democratic Party are whipping the press and their followers into a frenzy over additional war costs, keep in mind this entry from an Iraqi sitting at his computer hoping for the same freedoms enjoyed by those who aren't sure he is worth the money.
A Routine Day in Iraq

Somewhat Disturbing...

This story was in the news a year ago, and resurfaced today with no new information. Unfortunately for the pilot, I think the world has to hope that the plane never landed safely.

Without a Trace

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

A Note To Readers of this Blog

If you choose to leave a comment, you will notice ads at the bottom of the comment box. I have no control over these ads, nor do I have any affiliation with any person or organization represented by the ad. Thank you.

Car Bomb Update...

The car bombs that exploded in Basra earlier today were acts of terror by Al-Queda. At least 16 primary age school children were killed, along with scores of others. The muderers kill anyone and everyone they can. For those who oppose what we are doing in Iraq right now there is a question that must be answered. Why are terrorists so concerned that we will succeed?


Blogs for Bush

This is Wictory Wednesday and time to volunteer and donate to the Bush Cheney re-election campaign.

Update To Kerry's Records...

Well it seems that it does indeed depend on what the definition of the word "all" is. After refusing to release all of his records, then stating that they were all publicly available, then denying a reporter the opportunity to see them, then stating that he is going to release all of them and post them on his website, John Kerry is now going to release all of the records he can find, except for some documents that he won't release. There are so many flips and flops in this that it is hard to keep up. Of course with their headline, the Washington Post, a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, wants to make sure that the casual observer thinks that Kerry has come clean and lived up to his promise.

To read the entire article click here.

To consider why it is important that Kerry release his entire record, see the post entitled "Why?" below.

At Least 70 Killed in Basra...

Suicide car bombs targeting Iraqi Police Stations kill at least 70 Iraqis in Southern Iraq

Car Bomb

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


It seems that the Kerry camp is starting to realize that when you lie to 20 million people on TV, you pay a price. Kerry is releasing his military records, although it looks like some of the most controversial records just happen to have been misplaced...

Kerry releases some records

New Links

I have added two new links under Voices of Clarity. They are two of the best of the blogosphere. The first is Powerline is a daily must read for current analysis of daily events in the political world. They are 80% analysis and 20% entertainment. The second is, run by James Lileks. Lileks is very well known for his entertaining bleat that he publishes daily. Lileks is 20% analysis and 80% entertainment, with interesting galleries dedicated to the some of the more obscure, and sometimes regrettable parts of our cultural history. Check them out!


Follow up to the post below re: John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press. It seems that a reporter from the Boston Globe made the mistake of taking John Kerry at his word when he stated that anyone could view all of his military records at his campaign headquarters. When he asked for the records he was denied. Kerry's campaign then stated that it will not release any more records. When George Bush was asked on Meet the Press if he would release all of his records he said yes, just like John Kerry. The difference is George Bush released all of his records, to the point of releasing his dental records from the time. Even the release of those records did not stop allegations from the Democrats that President Bush was AWOL from his Texas National Guard Service. Terry Mcaulliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National committee, actually accused Bush of being AWOL, an offense punishible with jail time. The press then followed in suit with a three week campaign to "discover the truth" about President Bush's Guard Service. This press coverage included almost daily conversation on shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show, and above the fold headlines in almost every paper. All of this despite the fact that there was no evidence that President Bush served anyway but honorably.

Why is it important that John Kerry release his records? Several reasons. The most obvious is that he told the nation on Sunday that he would. The second reason is that he has based his entire campaign on the fact that he served in Vietnam, even though he testified before congress that Vietnam veterans were monsters that had committed war crimes. In fact, interestingly, on the same Meet the Press program in 1971 he stated that he committed war crimes. The last reason is that there have been serious allegations about his record made by veterans, including his commanding officer at the time, regarding his records and his three purple hearts.

John Kerry has touted his own bravery in Vietnam, and used his service as a platform to win the Democratic nomination for president. If he is truly as proud of his record as he claims to be, the question is why won't he release his records just as he demanded President Bush do?

Read the Boston Globe article here:

Access Denied

Kerry Flip-Flops

We have all heard them, but now we can wear them...

Get them before they sell out!

Kerry Flip-Flops

Corruption at the Highest Levels

For anyone who has not heard about it (funny how the media has not reported this) the United Nations is a corrupt morally bankrupt institution. This has been exposed by journalist Claudia Rosette from the Wall Street Journal. She has uncovered the corruption of the UN Oil-for-Food program that we were all supposed to believe would have solved the Iraqi crisis without bloodshed. It turns out that it was not only a huge graft and kickback program, lining the pockets of high ranking foreign government officials (think France) and UN officials (including Kofi Annan's son), but also an under the radar source of funding for Saddam's favorite terrorist organizations. The Left is correct in one thing, the war in Iraq was a war for oil. However the battles for this oil were taking place in the United Nations. Countries like France, Germany, China and Russia all had lucrative contracts with the old Iraqi regime, and were just waiting for the day that they could force the sanctions in Iraq to be lifted to cash in. They were very close to accomplishing this goal under President Clinton. Meanwhile those members of their government that could not wait took tens of millions in illegal profits from the Iraqi regime by having barrels of oil sold in their name. What do all of the aforementioned countries have in common? They are the countries that fought the most ferociously to prevent the removal of Saddam Hussein. I have linked Claudia Rosette's most recent column below, and the rest of her work (including a list of names of people who took illegal money) can be found online at the Wall Street Journal and Commentary Magazine.


For anyone who missed it...

I have linked below the transcript from John Kerry's appearance on Meet The Press on Sunday, April 18. If you did not see it, or do not have the stomach to watch John Kerry for an hour, I would advise reading the transcript. It is an unbelievable series of backsteps, non-answers and quite frankly, lies. One of the most entertaining parts of the interview is when pressed about the "unnamed foreign leaders", Kerry states that he happen to see them in New York restaurants. Funny thing, I have eaten in a lot of restaurants, but I have never seen Jacques Chirac.

The Transcript

Finally someone says it...

This article offers a short, to the point rebuttal of everything coming out of the anti-war left (which now includes the Democratic Party).


Monday, April 19, 2004

Seeing Through the Fog

It seems that even with the constant onslaught by the press, the Democrats, Hollywood, television producers, disgruntled former employees, international billionaires (George Soros), the American left, book publishers, hysterical drama queens (Richard Clarke), drunken bloated senators (Ted "Hiccup" Kennedy), and washed up, failures of former presidents (Jimmy Carter), the American people are for the time being, seeing through the fog.

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Seeing through the fog

Iraqi Blogs

One of the most interesting developments from post-Saddam are the weblogs (blogs) like this one that have been created and are run by young people in Iraq. These blogs provide an up to the minute view of the situation in Iraq without the filter of the mainstream US media. It is interesting to read accounts of happenings in Iraq from citizens of Iraq. These blogs highlight the distortion of events by the agenda driven mainstream American press.

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And it Can't Happen Fast Enough...

Out of Business

Others Reap What You Sow

The cost of appeasement in Spain:

Us Braces

They're Here

How Soon We Forget

It is amazing to think that just a few months ago it was considered common knowledge that Iraq had WMD. It is easy to forget that fact with the constant obfuscation of the facts by the Democrats. I am sure as we go along more reports from more countries will be declassified, only to be buried by the media.

What we all already know

Serious times call for serious people

This is a must read article that highlights what is at stake in the war on terror. This makes the current rhetoric of today's "opposition" party all the more appalling.

Rethinking Armageddon

Sunday, April 18, 2004

This is the inaugural post on A Time For Choosing. Where to go for news and political commentary.