Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Corruption at the Highest Levels

For anyone who has not heard about it (funny how the media has not reported this) the United Nations is a corrupt morally bankrupt institution. This has been exposed by journalist Claudia Rosette from the Wall Street Journal. She has uncovered the corruption of the UN Oil-for-Food program that we were all supposed to believe would have solved the Iraqi crisis without bloodshed. It turns out that it was not only a huge graft and kickback program, lining the pockets of high ranking foreign government officials (think France) and UN officials (including Kofi Annan's son), but also an under the radar source of funding for Saddam's favorite terrorist organizations. The Left is correct in one thing, the war in Iraq was a war for oil. However the battles for this oil were taking place in the United Nations. Countries like France, Germany, China and Russia all had lucrative contracts with the old Iraqi regime, and were just waiting for the day that they could force the sanctions in Iraq to be lifted to cash in. They were very close to accomplishing this goal under President Clinton. Meanwhile those members of their government that could not wait took tens of millions in illegal profits from the Iraqi regime by having barrels of oil sold in their name. What do all of the aforementioned countries have in common? They are the countries that fought the most ferociously to prevent the removal of Saddam Hussein. I have linked Claudia Rosette's most recent column below, and the rest of her work (including a list of names of people who took illegal money) can be found online at the Wall Street Journal and Commentary Magazine.