Monday, April 26, 2004

I did! I didn't! I sort of did! I Never said I did! Oh, you taped it?

This is exasperating. John Kerry threw his medals over the White House fence (on t.v.) upon his return from Vietnam and stated that he was proud to do so in protest. Then when he was running for office and needed votes, he said they were actually someone else's medals, and that he only threw "ribbons" over the fence. Now on his website he declares that episode is a "right-wing" myth aimed to discredit him, and that he never implied that he threw his medals over the fence. Well when you give nationally aired TV interviews they tend to be archived somewhere. ABC news has obtained a copy of an interview with John Kerry where he states unequivocally that he not only threw his medals but also that he went beyond that and threw his other decorations as well.

Why does this matter? To many Americans, including Vietnam veterans the act in and of itself is offensive and disqualifies him for the Presidency. But more than that, it is yet another example of John Kerry's inability to tell the truth or take a stand on any issue. It also highlights what he must think of the intellect of the average American. The second reason this is of importance is that John Kerry's career and votes as an elected official have mirrored the attitudes he expressed upon his return from Vietnam. Had he been angry when he returned, made these dramatic actions, and then realized through maturity or hindsight that he had been incorrect, this episode would have no place in the news this election season. However, John Kerry has voted against almost all of the new weapons systems he has had the opportunity to. He has voted to slash the intelligence services, so extreme was his proposal that he could not even get the support of other liberals. He voted against the first Gulf War. He voted for action in Iraq when it suited him politically, but has now said that the President misled Congress into believing that it was a vote merely for the threat of force. He the later voted against the $87 billion supplement or in his words, "I actually voted for the $87 billion, before I voted against it".

John Kerry was in 1971 a radical leftist regarding national security, and his votes throughout his career prove that that hasn't changed. We are at war, and unfortunately will be for the foreseeable future. The defense of this country, at home and abroad, cannot be handed to a 1970's anti-war radical. That is what John Kerry is, and that is why his actions from thirty years ago are still an issue.

Read the ABC news story regarding his medals here.