Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Iraq's WMD

The story of Saddam's WMD is not over, in fact it may just be getting started. There have been several developments in the last few weeks that indicate that we may soon find out where Saddam hid the weapons the entire world knows he had. A couple of weeks ago a story appeared in the briefly in the news that a chemical attack had been thwarted in Amman, Jordan. The story disappeared as quickly as it came. Then on Monday April 26 the story reappeared. The ringleader of the terror cell in Jordan said he had visited Iraq in January to work out the terror strike with Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a terrorist with ties to Al-queda. Jordanian officials seized tons of chemicals from the terrorist within days of the attack.

Yesterday, Syrian officials claimed to be locked in an hour long gun battle
with suspected "terrorists". At this point there in no way to know what is actually going on in Syria. The terrorist story that the Syrian government is putting out seems thin. It has been alleged since the eve of the invasion of Iraq that Saddam's WMD's were moved from Iraq via convoys of semi's to the desert of Syria and buried. Read the article regarding this here. And a more recent article here.
If this is true, and if the U.S. government has as much evidence to the fact as these articles suggest, it is impossible to imagine the US not putting pressure on Syria for access to these sites. The Syrian government can not openly allow the United States into their country without a valid reason. A "terrorist threat" could give the Syrian government some room for cooperation with the US.

The event that is most notable on this issue however is John Kerry's sudden change in stance on Iraq's WMD. Although it is not a shock that he flip-flopped on ani issue, what is most telling is the contortions he was going through to hedge against all possible finds of WMD. This occurred on yesterdays "Hardball with Chris Matthews". This interview with John Kerry is remarkable for many reasons, (look for more on this in the next post) but the most remarkable moment comes when Kerry states that we could still find the weapons in the next month or two, but that we did not find them in the form the administration said we would find them, in artillery shells. This is after accusing the President and Vice President of lieing about the weapons for months. (Nevermind that John Kerry stated before the war that Saddam was a threat because of his WMD including nuclear weapons) Why would Kerry change so drastically and so suddenly and then in his awkwardness state something so specific as artillery shells. Read about the "Hardball" interview here. It is hard to say. This could simply be another example of John Kerry's daily flip-flopping and hedging on all issues. However he could be covering himself for something he already knows, that the weapons have been found.

The aforementioned occurrences could have no relation to one another, but it does seem that the story of the WMD's is not over.