Monday, April 26, 2004

John Kerry: President of the Tin Foil Hat Club

The Kerry campaign, realizing that they have not been able to erode the American people's trust in George W. Bush, is planning to turn this week to attacking Dick Cheney. What will they attack him on? Well, among other things his connections to Halliburton (screams of horror in the background). Ahh yes, the Halliburton conspiracy has gone mainstream with the Kerry campaign. He ran an ad earlier stating that the Iraq War was the first time a corporation had been allowed to invade a country... really, can anything more be said about this. It is depressing when a party takes the campaign for the most powerful and important position in the world down the road of conspiracy and innuendo. This attack on corporate America is the logical step for a party that has slowly allowed its radical left wing to become its main stream. This is a sad state of affairs for everyone.

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