Friday, April 23, 2004

Kerry's Records Update

Disclaimer:. It is not my intent to judge the content of John Kerry's military record. I do not have the authority to do that. I am not interested in their content, I am interested in whether or not he lied to America on national television.

If you have not been following the story of John Kerry's military records let me recap. The story actually began several months ago when Terry McAulliffe, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, went on national television accused President Bush of being AWOL and challenged him to release all of his military records. This led to a three week media campaign to "uncover the truth about President Bush's military record". President Bush went on Meet the Press and agreed to release all of his records. He did, to the point of releasing his dental records. Of course he was never AWOL, it was all a vicious, basless attack on his character. John Kerry initially refused to release all but a few records. In his Meet the Press interview he first said that all of his records were available to view at his headquarters but that he would not release them to the public. The following day when reporters showed up to view the records they were denied access (see previous post below). Two days later responding to increasing pressure, John Kerry said he was waiting to get his records from the Navy and would post them on his website by the end of the day (didn't he say they were available at his headquarters? How could they be available if he had not received them from the Navy?). After several days, the Kerry campaign began posting some records on his website, but stated that not allrecords would be available as promised by John Kerry. The records that were posted have now been available long enough to undergo initial scrutiny by people qualified to comment on them, i.e. other veterans. The first reaction is that the records are incomplete, and lo and behold it seems that some of the records he posted that contain descriptions of firefights and daring missions aren't his. Not only did Kerry's campaign post these records, they sent mass emails out with further descriptions of the firefights as a testiment to Kerry's leadership and bravery. The problem is they aren't his records. So two questions: 1.) Why did Kerry post and brag about someone else's military record? 2) Will he ever fulfill the promise he made on national television to release all of his military records?

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