Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Please don't go!

The hum of voices talking about the need for John Kerry to be replaced as the Democratic nominee is beginning to get louder. Hugh Hewitt, who's blog is linked at the right, has been warning of the Toreccelli option for several weeks. Read his article here. John Kerry was "Hardball" with Chris Matthews yesterday (transcript). Everytime John Kerry appears in public, it becomes harder to imagine that he could be elected, however he will win California and New York, which puts him just a few states from victory. It is unfortunate that two states, California and New York will always keep the Democratic nominee in the running no matter how radical he may be. To help keep Kerry out of office make a donation to the Bush re-election campaign here. John Kerry has the monetary backing of organizations like, an organization that was set up to exploit the new campaign finance reform laws. These groups can gather money from anywhere in the world and are not subject to the laws that limit the average citizen from donating to a candidate.