Thursday, April 22, 2004

This Morning's Must Read

Mohammed at Iraq the Model has a post that every American and the leaders of the UN, Spain, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic should have to read. In the next few days Americans will hear the Democratic Party and their allies in the press latch on to recent statements By General Richard Meyers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others in the Department of Defense that the cost of the war will increase due to the need to keep more soldiers in Iraq. This is an interesting subject. At what price in dollars do the Democrats feel the war is no longer worth it? What is the amount at which they believe it would have been better to leave Saddam Hussein in power, and 25 million Iraqis enslaved? If the war is right, then it is right despite whatever monetary cost there may be in the future. If the war is right, it is right whether or not the corrupt, feckless United Nations agrees with it. The judgment of what is morally right is not determined by the United Nations and does not come with a price cap. The United States, as the "Shining City on a Hill" has the obligation to lead the world, and not allow tyranny to reign and people to be enslaved because fighting it will make us unpopular.

In the next few days when the leaders of the Democratic Party are whipping the press and their followers into a frenzy over additional war costs, keep in mind this entry from an Iraqi sitting at his computer hoping for the same freedoms enjoyed by those who aren't sure he is worth the money.
A Routine Day in Iraq