Sunday, April 25, 2004

Update on North Korean Explosion

The secretive North Korean regime has allowed aide workers into the country to help with the disaster they claim was caused by the explosion of an ammonium nitrate hauling cargo train. Estimates of dead have ranged from 50 to 3,000, but considering their are reports that buildings over three miles away were destroyed it is hard to imagine that the number will be towards the low end. There are rumors circulating that this was an assassination attempt on Kim Jong Il who had passed through the station at some point during the day returning from vacation in China (where else can brutal communist dictators vacation?). I have linked the story as well as photos that show the devastation. In a quick review of the photos I found it odd that there seemed to be one thing missing that would help corroborate the North Korean governments story: train cars that would have been destroyed and thrown, presumably, through the air. There is no chance that we will get the real story of what happened, but it is certain that the U.S. government is not taking the story put out by the North Korean government at face value.

Read the story here.

See the photos here.