Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Follow up to the post below re: John Kerry's appearance on Meet the Press. It seems that a reporter from the Boston Globe made the mistake of taking John Kerry at his word when he stated that anyone could view all of his military records at his campaign headquarters. When he asked for the records he was denied. Kerry's campaign then stated that it will not release any more records. When George Bush was asked on Meet the Press if he would release all of his records he said yes, just like John Kerry. The difference is George Bush released all of his records, to the point of releasing his dental records from the time. Even the release of those records did not stop allegations from the Democrats that President Bush was AWOL from his Texas National Guard Service. Terry Mcaulliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National committee, actually accused Bush of being AWOL, an offense punishible with jail time. The press then followed in suit with a three week campaign to "discover the truth" about President Bush's Guard Service. This press coverage included almost daily conversation on shows like Good Morning America, The Today Show, and above the fold headlines in almost every paper. All of this despite the fact that there was no evidence that President Bush served anyway but honorably.

Why is it important that John Kerry release his records? Several reasons. The most obvious is that he told the nation on Sunday that he would. The second reason is that he has based his entire campaign on the fact that he served in Vietnam, even though he testified before congress that Vietnam veterans were monsters that had committed war crimes. In fact, interestingly, on the same Meet the Press program in 1971 he stated that he committed war crimes. The last reason is that there have been serious allegations about his record made by veterans, including his commanding officer at the time, regarding his records and his three purple hearts.

John Kerry has touted his own bravery in Vietnam, and used his service as a platform to win the Democratic nomination for president. If he is truly as proud of his record as he claims to be, the question is why won't he release his records just as he demanded President Bush do?

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