Monday, May 31, 2004

Air America Floundering

The liberal answer to conservative controlled talk radio, Air America, seems to be on it's last legs. Despite being fawned over by the main stream press and morning shows during it's launch, the network is now doing so poorly that Al Franken, the networks "big name" host, has just agreed to work for free. Three reasons for failure:

1.) Offensive and untalented hosts that base their shows on hate and slander.
2.) Inability of arguments based on emotion to stand up to questioning by callers.
3.) The media market is already saturated with liberal propaganda. NPR, the nightly news, the morning shows and now Air America all say the same thing from the same viewpoint. They basically supersaturated the media with their ideology.

Read about it here.

When the network does collapse Al Franken and his cohorts will undoubtedly blame a conservative conspiracy for the failure. It will be entertaining to watch.

Bikers For Bush!

Members of the Rolling Thunder motorcycle group endorsed President Bush for re-election last week. As a thank you, the president welcomed several members of the group to the White House and gave them a tour of the Oval Office. Rolling Thunder is an organization that seeks to create awareness of POW/MIA issues and promotes increased veterans' benefits.

Read the article here.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Today's Good News

Today's good news post comes form Iraq the Model. Omar posts the views of regular Iraqi's regarding the current situation in Iraq as reported by the Arabic version of the BBC. If only the American media would report this.

Read it here.

Several Good Weekend Reads

There are several good articles this weekend. The first by Mark Steyn helps put the difficulties we are facing in the Iraq War into historical perspective.

The second article is by a columnist frequently mentioned on A Time For Choosing, Jack Kelly
of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. He reports on the successes of the Marines in Fallujah, and comments on the Bush Administration failure to get the word out.

David Winston compares the election of 1948 to the election of 2004. In the article he cites the president's resilience in the polls and John Kerry's inability to take advantage of the tough times the president has had the past few weeks.

Last but not least Joshua Muravchik, who refused to vote for President Bush in 2000, outlines why he now call the President A Leader For Perilous Times

Saturday, May 29, 2004

World War II Memorial Dedicated

President Bush dedicated the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. today. It is an expansive memorial dedicated to the 16 million men that served in uniform and the more than 400,000 who died. Many veterans were in attendance, having traveled from all over the country. Read President Bush's remarks here.

For photos of the memorial, visit the official World War II Memorial webpage.

Today's Good News

In a story that barely made any news, the Bush Administration scored an immense victory for all of humanity when it was able to, through diplomacy, reach an accord to end a 20 year civil war between the Sudanese North and South. This war has already claimed more than 20 million lives. Nicholas Kristof, by no means a fan of the Bush administration, covered this momentous event in the New York Times. This accord should be celebrated around the world by those who claim to be advocates of human rights. So far in three years this administration (admonished as war mongering by the elites in the media, the Democratic party, universities, and Europe) has accomplished more for the peoples of Africa through diplomacy than their critics have ever accomplished in decades of lip service. Actions do indeed speak louder than words.

Read the New York Times story here.

Another Twist in the Nick Berg Story

Michael Moore, the anti-American filmmaker/author claims to have interviewed Nick Berg in 2002 before his first trip to Iraq. Michael Moore gives no explanation as to why he might have interviewed the then completely unknown contractor, who was a supporter of the President and the war in Iraq. He also says that he will not release the tape to the public, but will deal privately with the family. Given the recent revelations that Michael Moore is willing to fabricate interviews out of whole cloth, this should be viewed with a great amount of skepticism.

Read the article about the supposed interview here.

Recommended Reading

Please read, Misundersestimated by Bill Sammon. The book provides an unprecedented look at the War in Iraq and the inner workings of the White House. If you are a conservative that is worried about the current polls for the race in November, this book will serve as reassurance that President Bush, his advisors and his aides have the situation well in hand and are again going to be "misunderestimated". For those of other political beliefs, if you allow yourself to read this book with an open mind you will have to be impressed by the professionalism of the current administration.

Buy it here.

Iraq/Al-Queda Link Update

Thursday's post The Iraq/Al-Queda Plot Thickens discussed newly revealed information that could provide evidence of a direct link between Saddam Hussein's regime and Al-Queda. This link is a man listed as a Colonel in the rosters of the Fedayeen Saddam, who with the help and guidance of Iraqi security and intelligence went to Kuala Lumpur where he met with high level Al-Queda operatives, including several of the men who piloted planes on September 11. Since that post, more information has come to the surface and has been reported by The Weekly Standard's Stephan Hayes. His article (read it here) details not only this connection, but also the connections made by the Clinton administration. There are blockbuster revelations in this article and the forthcoming book from which it is written. The Bush Administration must make an effort to get this information to the public. This is a must read article, please pass this on to your friends.

Buy the book by Stephen Hayes here.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Prime Minister Nominated for Interim Iraqi Government

Iraq's first Prime Minister has been nominated.

Read the story here.

This is a Reuters story. Please note that Reuters takes only four sentences to claim that un-named Iraqis on the street in Baghdad opposed the choice. Not even the seemingly simple task of reporting the name of a person nominated to a position in Iraq can be done without spin.

What Quagmire?

Ann Coulter comments on the media coverage on the war in Iraq and makes a similar point to a previous post on A Time For Choosing: That the media are hoping to turn the war into another Tet Offensive, where we won decisively on the battlefield but lost in America because of the relentless misrepresentation of facts by the press. Read Ann Coulter's column here.

Read the post from A Time For Choosing here.

Today's Good News

A good follow up to yesterday's installment. Consumer spending rose .3% in April and American's incomes rose .6%. Great news for the continuing economic recovery.

Read the report here.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

First Afgan TV Station Goes On Air...

A great story of progress from Afghanistan...

Read about it here.

Joe Wilson: Oh, That Iraqi Who Tried to Buy Uranium

Yes, the famous "16 words" from the President's State of the Union speech are back. Well, actually this news story is from April 30. Joe Wilson was sent to Africa to learn if there had been an attempt by Iraq to buy "yellowcake", and subsequently screamed that the administration distorted the truth and the facts in the 2002 State of the Union speech. Now he says that although he did not know the name of the Iraqi who traveled to Nigeria to purchase the "yellow cake" at the time of his accusations against the administration, he has since learned that it was "Baghdad Bob". That's right, the comical spokesman for the regime that denied troops had entered Baghdad, even as explosions could be heard outside the press room. Why isn't/wasn't this a huge news story?

Read it here.

Today's Good News...

and a continuing nightmare for the Democrats.

The economy booms on!

Numbers revised upward

The Iraq/Al-Queda Plot Thickens

Recently uncovered documents from Iraq include rosters from the elite Fedayeen Saddam military unit. A name that appears on three different lists with the rank of lieutenant Colonel is Ahmed Hikmat Shakir. The positive identification of Ahmed Hikmat Shakir would not only establish a direct link between Iraq and Al-Queda, it would establish a direct link between Iraq and the Al-Queda operatives who planned September 11. Ahmed Hikmat Shakir attended the meeting in Kuala Lampur where many high ranking Al-Queda operatives met to discuss the September 11 attack, including the two men at the controls of the flight that slammed into the pentagon, and the individual responsible for masterminding the U.S.S. Cole bombing. Ahmed Hikmat Shakir turned up in Qatar a few days after September 11, where he was arrested by the authorities. A search of his person and his apartment found the phone numbers to the safe houses used by the terrorists involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, as well as information on an earlier Al-Queda plan to blow up a dozen airliners over the ocean.

Positive identification of this man is still pending, however if he is who the United States believes he is, it id the first direct evidence of a link between Al-Queda and Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Read the entire article here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Al-Sadr to Remove Militia From Nadjaf

A fantastic development and a great follow up to the Today's Good News post from earlier.

Read it here.

This poster was shown at the Homeland Security press conference today. These are individuals who are believed to members of Al-Queda who are currently in the United States and could be planning an attack. Please forward this to everyone you know. The seriousness of this situation is why the modern Democratic Party cannot be allowed to run the country at this time. Please refer to the previous post to read why John Kerry cannot be elected. Click the picture for a larger view.

Democrat's Hysteria Reaches New, Fevered Level

In an unbelievably hysterical speech, Al Gore called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, Condaleeza Rice, and George Tenent. This speech is beyond the pale, but it is the natural progression of the rhetoric currently employed by the Democratic Party. The following is an excerpt from the speech:

There was then, there is now and there would have been regardless of what Bush did, a threat of terrorism that we would have to deal with. But instead of making it better, he has made it infinitely worse. We are less safe because of his policies. He has created more anger and righteous indignation against us as Americans than any leader of our country in the 228 years of our existence as a nation -- because of his attitude of contempt for any person, institution or nation who disagrees with him.

He has exposed Americans abroad and Americans in every U.S. town and city to a greater danger of attack by terrorists because of his arrogance, willfulness, and bungling at stirring up hornet's nests that pose no threat whatsoever to us. And by then insulting the religion and culture and tradition of people in other countries. And by pursuing policies that have resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children, all of it done in our name.

President Bush said in his speech Monday night that the war in Iraq is "the central front in the war on terror." It's not the central front in the war on terror, but it has unfortunately become the central recruiting office for terrorists. [Dick Cheney said, "This war may last the rest of our lives.] The unpleasant truth is that President Bush's utter incompetence has made the world a far more dangerous place and dramatically increased the threat of terrorism against the United States. Just yesterday, the International Institute of Strategic Studies reported that the Iraq conflict " has arguable focused the energies and resources of Al Qaeda and its followers while diluting those of the global counterterrorism coalition." The ISS said that in the wake of the war in Iraq Al Qaeda now has more than 18,000 potential terrorists scattered around the world and the war in Iraq is swelling its ranks.

This at a time of war. The speech goes on:

And the worst still lies ahead. General Joseph Hoar, the former head of the Marine Corps, said "I believe we are absolutely on the brink of failure. We are looking into the abyss."

When a senior, respected military leader like Joe Hoar uses the word "abyss", then the rest of us damn well better listen. Here is what he means: more American soldiers dying, Iraq slipping into worse chaos and violence, no end in sight, with our influence and moral authority seriously damaged

It has been stated in previous posts on A Time For Choosingthat the rhetoric of the "opposition party" was verging on the point of being dangerous. It has now come to that point. This speech will do real damage to the battle for Iraq. This is not political discourse, this speech was made with the express intent of damaging the administration and the war effort. This speech, quite frankly, gives aide and comfort to the enemy. This is the leadership of the party that would like to run the country during one most difficult and dangerous times in its history. This party is not serious enough, not mature enough and not responsible enough to be given control of the country. The choice in November is between a party that is resolute in defeating an enemy that wants to destroy the entire country and a party that wishes to return to the glory days of the youth of its leadership, when anti-Americanism and self loathing became the norm for the Democratic Party.

Read the entire speech here.

Please pass this speech on to anyone you know that is undecided regarding the election this November. If they vote for Kerry or choose not to vote for Bush and stay at home, they are essentially casting a vote for this view of America.

Today's Good News

Despite the fact that critics of Bush Administration policy on Iraq are using the handling of the Al-Sadr situation as an example of how bad the situation in Iraq has become, and how Bush Administration policies are in disarray, the actual situation on the ground seems to much different. Al-Sadr has become increasingly irrelevant and our soldiers continue to make great advances against his illegal milita despite the fact that the press and pundits have spun the current strategy to look as if we are retreating. We captured Al-Sadr's top aise last night wjile killing many more in the militia. Read the story here. At the same time the most influential Shi'ite cleric in Iraq has directly layed the blame for the damage done to a mosque on Al-Sadr and his milita. More importantly, he stated that the damage was a cowardly act by the militia in an attempt to discredit the coalition. Read this fantastic story here.

Note that neither of these come from an American paper.

A Reason for Hope in the Media?

President Bush had hardly uttered the last word of his speech on Monday night before the criticism began to pour in. Without hesitation the Democrats called the speech a failure, and the media, unable to think critically enough to comment on the actual content, simply stated that whatever the President said, he said it too late. In fact, Judy Woodruff and the New Yor Times tried to combine the two criticisms. Judy Woodruff actually said on CNN that, "there was nothing new in the speech, and why didn't he say this a year ago?". Let's take a second to analyze that. There is "nothing new", which means she has heard it all before, and "why didn't he say it a year ago?" which one has to assume means that even though she has heard it all in the past, she wanted to hear it even earlier or even more in the past? So he has said these things too often and yet not enough? But so it goes. The condemnations and the cries that it is too late and Iraq is a lost cause continue. The assertion that "Bush Lied" continues unabated in the Democratic Party and in the media despite the find of chemical weapons in Iraq. It seems that the Democrats and the media have taken a strategy from the Al-Zarqawi letter to OBL to heart, and are increasing their rhetoric day by day until June 30th. Interestingly they seek the same end by different means, both groups want to see President Bush fail so that John Kerry, who has outlined a foreign policy much more to the liking of both groups, will be elected. The Democrats, working through the willing media, have managed to get the Republicans off message and hide the fact that their candidate is the most radical, liberal candidate nominated by a major party since the Democrats nominated McGovern in 1972. The terrorists are succeeding in changing the public perception of a successful war to that of a devastating loss. They have learned that this is the "center of gravity" of the strength of the United States. Despite a dramatic decrease in the loss of life in Iraq, the pacification of the vast majority of the country and successful elections held in most parts of the country, pundits, politicians and even some conservatives deem Iraq a miserable failure. The terrorists are indeed succeeding, despite the fact that their game plan is well known, and has been used before.

President Bush's speech was the first in a series leading to the transfer or power at the end of June. It can be assured that the media and the Democrats have already written their responses to these yet to be delivered speeches, and despite the facts on the ground are ready to declare the war lost if it means the defeat of George Bush. It is this attitude of defeatism and anti-Americanism (yes that word is chosen carefully, but what else can it be called)that have a few people in the press starting to wonder if the Democrats and the press will overplay their hand with the American public. There are actually three good articles today that chastise the press and the Democrats for their Bush hatred and their desire to see the United States retreat in Iraq. An analysis of what the speech and the reactions to it mean, and the historical context of it by Tony Blankley, a call for the media to stop its America bashing, and the consequences of said bashing by Esther Jungreis, and an analysis of how all of this could end up being good for President Bush by Eric Fettman.

Terrorists Set to Strike in the United States

Having their arch-nemesis in the White House at this moment, and having learned that they too can participate in Democracy by murdering large groups of people, the terrorists are apparently gearing up for a large scale attack on U.S. soil this summer.

Read stories here and here.

F.B.I. director Robert Mueller and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will hold a press conference today to discuss the new threats. Dick Morris has a good column today that discusses the history of terrorists in elections. It is a history that proves that the terrorists follow and understand public opinion and perceptions before an election, and will be looking to capitalize on this understanding in the United States this summer. Read it here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Today's Good News

Today's good news comes directly from the George W. Bush re-election website. The site breaks down the recent Washington Times/ABC news poll that showed a drop in the president's over all approval rating. Although this as pect of the poll was highlighted in the news, other numbers that help to tell the entire story of how the candidates are stacking up were not publicized. The following is a summary from

Since the general election began in earnest after Senator Kerry all but clinched the Democratic nomination (March 2), the movement between the Washington Post/ABC News polls of March and May is promising. Since March, Senator Kerry has suffered deterioration in nearly every key leadership attribute, while President Bush has stayed the same or increased.

Today, the race is dead even, just as we have maintained that it will roughly stay until the Democratic convention.

President Bush has cut Kerry’s advantage on the economy by 7 points, and gained 7 points against Kerry on who the public trusts to handle Iraq.

Since March, Kerry has lost 23 points on the attribute of “honest and trustworthy,” 18 points on “strong leader,” and 15 points on “understands the problems of people like you.” President Bush’s ratings on these attributes have remained stable since March.


President Bush has a 60-point advantage over Senator Kerry on who “takes a position and sticks with it.”
President Bush has a 17-point advantage on who “can be trusted in a crisis.”
President Bush has a 16-point advantage on making “the country safer and more secure."

See the whole article here.

Every recent poll has shown a drop in President Bush's approval rating, but they have also shown something else. As President Bush'd approval rating drops, John Kerry is unable to capitalize. Even typically reliable conservative columnists, such as Mort Kondracke have fallen into the trap of trying to predict this election using factors that have been used in past elections, such as the incumbants approval rating at a given period time before the election. This election will be decided on events that have yet to happen, such as the discovery of a large cache of WMD in Iraq, the capture of a major Al-Queda leader, the continuing growth of the economy, and whether or not the terrorists are able to strike on American soil. The drop in approval ratings can only be expected given the continuous media onslaught against the President. In the past few months the American people have endured the release of anti-Bush books by Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, Anthony Zinni, John Dean, Michael Moore, Al Franken, and a gaggle of other venom filled "pundits". The news media has relentlessly covered the Abu-Ghraib prison scandal and has dutifully followed the Democrats in their slanderous implications that Don Rumsfeld may have ordered the abuse, or that the abuse was "inevitable given the administration's flagrant disregard for international law". The death of American soldiers is treated as a political issue, to the point of a major media outlet allowing it's premier anchor to read the names of every soldier killed during prime time. The slaughter of Nick Berg, the discovery of weapons of mass destruction, the fantastic news on the battle field from such cities such as Nadjaf and Falujah, the rebuilt infrastructure, and the relative peace in 98% of the country of Iraq have been downplayed or ignored entirely. Less than three years after September 11, the media declined to broadcast a speech in which a war time President outlines in detail the transfer of sovereignty to a country that has never known self rule.

The election will be hard fought, and there is no guarantee that President Bush will win re-election. He faces more opposition from different fronts than any incumbant in history, and he faces a media that is determined to show every develpment in the worst possible light. Constantly unfolding events in Iraq and the economy will do more to determine the outcome of the election than any number of dollars spent on campaign ads. We must hold tight, not waver in our support and make sure that the voter turn out in November is as high as it has ever been.

Two Battles in One war

Last night President Bush gave a speech to the Army War College detailing the transfer of power in Iraq. The Whitehouse apparently did not ask the major networks to cover the speech and they didn't. That is unfortunate. The speech laid out in great detail the five steps to Iraqi sovereignty. There was thorough explanation of each step accompanied by examples of successes within that step. The speech was very solid and the President was very resolute. In fact this was the most striking aspect. As the media and the Democrats and the rest of the President's detractors deride, seethe, rant, scream quagmire, compare the U.S. Army to Ba'athist thugs, use personal slander, suppress and spin all good news from the battlefield and preach the inevibility of defeat, the President marches on, steady and resolute. This is the juxtaposition, this is the choice in November, and this is what is at stake. There are two wars in the war on terror. The war on the battlefield in which our soldiers are fighting effectively, efficiently and professionally, risking their lives each day to try to prevent another September 11. The second war is being fought at home, and is bloodless, yet the consequences of the outcome are just as important as the war on the battlefield. One side of this war sees a free, self-governing Iraq as the first step toward greater stability in the Middle East and greater security at home. It views Iraq as the opportunity to show the rest of the Middle East that there is another end than tyranny and another way than extremism. The other side in this war at home sees Iraq as an opportunity to take down the President and regain power for themselves. They question the moral authority of the United States to conduct such a war, and in fact they openly question whether this is a war at all, they deride the soldiers as no better than the thugs they defeated on the battlefield, and they slander their commander in chief as an "incompetent" with the blood of the soldiers they castigate on his hands. Each setback on the battlefield is treated as a victory for them in the war at home, each success is simply ignored. The proof of this is that they offer no plan of action, no alternative to what they see as a "disastrous policy". They offer only hatred, division, slander and bile spewed through their allies in the media. This war will be decided not on the battlefield but at the ballot box, and it's outcome will decide the outcome of the war on the battlefield and the future of this country.

Read a transcript of the President's speech here.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Today's Good News, and an Apology to Readers

The readers of A Time For Choosing are owed an apology for the pessimissim of the last post. Today's Good News post is the antidote for media frustration, and was started to provide a bright spot on days like today.

President Pervez Musharraf today called for the citizens of Pakistan to reject Islamic Extremism. This is remarkable given the fact that Musharraf has been the target of extremists on more than one occasion. This is good news, and it should be broadcast around the world.

Read it here.

Military Media Refuses to Pre-empt "The Swan" with President Bush's Speech

President Bush is scheduled to give a speech tonight outlining the transfer of power in Iraq on June 30th. This comes after month's of Democrats and talking heads howling that President Bush has not communicated the plans for Iraq with the American people. Apparently however, the transfer of power in a newly liberated country in the Middle East is not as important as Fear Factor or The Swan. This is how far we have gone in three years. Three thousand people were killed in 2001, a terrorist strike that finally woke this nation from it's post cold war stupor, and the most important point of the most important battle (so far) of this ongoing war is less important than a cosmetic surgery beauty pageant. This is a bad sign for President Bush's re-election hopes. It is widely accepted that the media is biased, but there is a huge percentage of the population that gets all of its news from the major networks. They are now refusing to allow unfiltered information about the war to get to the population. I do not trust the majority of the electorate to see through the media blitz. This is a very pessimistic post, but the fact is that a majority sees the Iraq war as unsuccessful, despite the fact that the majority of the country is pacified and has held primary general council elections in which secular candidates were very successful. According to a Fox News poll, 40 percent of the country thinks the economy is getting worse, despite the 4.5% sustained growth rate, the highest home ownership rate ever, the 867,000 jobs created in 2004, and the projected continued growth. What is the surest way that the media that so despises President Bush can ensure his defeat? Suppress all but the worst news pertaining to everything happening in the country. On that note, in the serious media, Michael Barone has written an excellent column with some advice for the President.

Read it here.

If anyone out there is more optimistic, please post the reason as a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

Clown Commission

Jack Kelly, columnist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who'd articles have appeared on this site before, has given words to how many American's feel about the September 11 commission.

Read it here.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Today's Good News

Omar at Iraq the Model is again the source for the Today's Good News post. There are several good posts, but be sure to read the post regarding Iraqi students chosen to study in the United States and their imprtession of our country.

Read it here.

Fear The Daisy!

Who Copied Who's Talking Points

Several governments and groups have responded to criticism they received in the just released U.S. report on Human Rights and Democracy
by stating that the United States no longer has the moral ground to judge others on human rights after the release of photos showing the abuse of prisoners by guards in Iraq. Among those rejecting the United States moral authority are North Korea, the Philippines and the Democratic Party of the United States led by the drunken balloon Ted Kennedy. It is a telling statement on the current state of American politics when one of two major parties shares the same perception of the United States as North Korea and the Philippines. The reaction to the report by countries such as North Korea and the Philippines is predictable, given the daily release of new photos by U.S. media and given statements such as the one linked above by Democrats who are willing to say or do anything in order to defeat George Bush. The cries of hypocrisy will be echoed around the world by every guilty country. The assertion that the U.S. is as guilty of human rights abuses as the countries cited in the report is of course absurd, but human rights abusers looking for verification of their claims against the United States can turn to their reliable allies in the media and the Democratic Party for support.

A Time of Great Concern

After having successfully effected the outcome of the Spanish election, the terrorists have again turned their eyes to the United States. U.S. intelligence has picked up "increasing chatter" since the Spanish bombing and are working to thwart potential strikes in the United states.
Read it here.

The terrorists are to blame for this threat, however, the appeasement mentality that pervades Europe and saw to the ouster of the Jose Marie Asnar's government has emboldened and energized them. If there is a successful terrorist attack in the United States before the November election, the cry for appeasement will be loud. Anti-war groups will blame the War in Iraq and the Bush administration. Democrats will use the attack as a platform to attack the President for "enraging the Arab Street" with the invasion of Iraq and for neglecting homeland security. This chaos, finger-pointing and divisiveness will be a victory for the terrorists. If the media, the Democrats and the left of this country are able to persuade the American people that the Bush Administration is indeed to blame for the attack then the terrorists will have achieved total victory. If President Bush is not re-elected in November after a terrorist attack, the message sent to the terrorists will be the same no matter what the reason for his defeat. What then? If terrorists are allowed to think that they can help to defeat an American President that opposes their goals of domination and submission, what will the future of this country look like? Will the terrorists not be further emboldened to attack to achieve political goals that suit their interests?

The terrorists will continue to attack this country until they are defeated or killed. The American reaction to future attacks will be the mark by which the terrorists will measure the success of an attack. The American people must not allow the terrorist to achieve victory at the voting booth.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Today's Good News

Your daily dose of the good news, the information the media doesn't want you to know.

Democaracy from Scratch

Update: Evidence Rock Solid" that Chalabi Passed Info. To Iran

Update on the earlier post re: Chalabi

Read it here.

Nancy Pelosi: Voice of the Democratic Party

Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, made this unbelievable statement to the Associated Press about President Bush yesterday:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called President Bush ‘incompetent’ and said he is responsible for hundreds of deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

‘Bush is an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader,’ Pelosi told the San Francisco Chronicle in a 45-minute interview Wednesday in her Capitol office. ‘He's a person who has no judgment, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon.’

Pelosi, a San Francisco Democrat, is a frequent critic of the president and led the effort against the war in 2003. But this was her strongest criticism of Bush to date.‘He has on his shoulders the deaths of many more troops, because he would not heed the advice of his own State Department of what to expect after May 1 when he ... declared that major combat is over,’ Pelosi said. ‘The shallowness that he has brought to the office has not changed since he got there.’…

Pelosi also said the only way to get allies to commit more troops to Iraq is to have a new president.

‘Not to get personal about it, but the president's capacity to lead has never been there,’ Pelosi said. ‘In order to lead, you have to have judgment. In order to have judgment, you have to have knowledge and experience. He has none.’”

This is the voice from the soul of the current Democratic Party. Supporters of the President should hope that Mrs Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry continue their attacks on the President in public and unabated. Today Mrs. Pelosi refused to retract her statements. Please note in the story that Democrats fall back on their favorite accusation, "McCarthyism", when her statements are challenged. The Howard Dean "Scream Speech", as it has come to be known, was not the rantings of a rabid anomoly in the Democratic Party, it was the trumpet rallying the radicals who now rule that party to war against main stream America. John Kerry's and Ted Kennedy's radicalism from the 1960's and early 1970's Vietnam era is well documented. At that time they were on the far left of the political spectrum. A minority in a party that was slowly moving left. Now however, what was once a minority in the Democratic Party is the Democratic Party. With the nomination of John Kerry the party has come full circle, and the American people have a stark choice to make in November. The election of John Kerry would be the final embrace by the public of the radicalism that started in the sixties and has slowly infected American life. The re-election of George Bush would be a symbolic rejection of the ideas that have brought same sex marriage, radical feminism, abortion on demand, and "blame America first" foreign policy and a symbolic embrace of the main stream values on which this country was founded and on which it has survived. In foreign policy, the re-election of George Bush would be the continuation of the Goldwater/Reagan philosophy of "Peace through Strength" that helped defeat the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and that will protect Americans in the War on Terror.

Let's hope for all our sakes Americans make the right choice.

The Mystery of Chalabi

Yesterday, US military forces and Iraqi police raided the home of Ahmed Chalabi, who at one time was favored by the pentagon to head the new Iraqi government. Details are very sketchy. There are varying reports as to the reason for this, from his involvement in the UN Oil for Food Scandal, to the assertion that he was passing US secrets to Iran, to the accusation that the raid was to net his lower level aides that were involved in stealing cars. The media and even the blogosphere are alive with theories and analysis that this is a setback in the transfer or power. It is too early to draw any conclusions from the raid, and it is certainly too early for wailing and gnashing of teeth. It seems that even the most ardent supporters of President Bush still don't fully believe him when he states that the June 30th deadline will not be pushed back. The transfer of power is going to happen. If Ahmed Chalabi has been involved in activities that are detrimental to that transfer in some way, then it is good to get him out of the way now.

The press and the blogosphere need top let the details shake out before judgements are made or analysis is give.

Update: Fox News and CBS News Claim to Have Confirmed That Chalabi Passed Information To Iran

Read it here.

Quite frankly, if this is true the raid on his home and his exclusion from the new government is good news. Whatever problems this may cause now, the future problems that it may nip in the bud would be vastly worse. A replacement will be found and vetted, and the transfer will happen on June 30th. The media and the Democrats will (with their typical hysterics)try to convince the American people that this makes the transfer of power either impossible or (to use their new favorite word) unwise.

If the American government proves that Cahalbi spied for Iran, then the gallows that that end the life of Saddam Hussein should be made to hold two.

Military Media

Yesterday's post, For the Media, Hopes of Another Tet Offensive In Iraq, discussed the similarities between the launch of the Tet Offensive in 1968 and the terrorists plans in Iraq. Mort Kondracke has written an article on that very subject this morning. It also discusses the fact that the War in Iraq can only be lost at home, by the statements and the actions of media elite and self loathing politicians. It is good follow up reading to yesterday's post:

Congress, Media Could Talk U.S. Into Iraq Defeat

Conveniently, H.D.S. Greenway provides a perfect example of the type pf journalism discussed in Mort Kondracke's column:
Down the Drain In Iraq

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Today's Good News

Today's Good News posts were started to provide readers with a daily bit of good news to counter the constant barrage of negative reports from the main stream press. It is very telling that to post a daily bit of good news, it is often necessary to refer to Iraqi blogs. What is the state of American media when individuals who live in Baghdad have a more positive outlook on day to day events in the war than they do?

Today's good news comes from Iraq the Model. Omar has started taking pictures from around Baghdad and discusses the building boom that is currently taking place. Also be sure to read the post in which he discusses the lack of support for Al-Sadr with a cab driver in Baghdad.

Iraq the Model

For the Media, Hopes of Another Tet Offensive In Iraq

The media is at war with the war in Iraq. What began as a small battle involving a few rogue journalists has exploded into a full scale media assault. The media is, of course, most effective at psychological operations. They are able to make the public see victories as losses, the actions of a handful of soldiers as corruption at the core of the entire military and administration, the discovery (and use by terrorists) of WMD as unimportant, and the prospects of a free country in the middle east as impossible and not worth the effort. All of this despite the facts on the ground in Iraq telling a different story. This is particularly impressive considering it is less than three years since the attack that started the war against which the media is currently pitted. However, today's "journalists" were taught by the original members of the media military, those who were able to turn the resounding military victory in the Tet Offensive into the defeat that essentially lost the war in Vietnam. In fact, the events on the ground in Vietnam at the time of the Tet Offensive were very similar in some aspects to the current situation in Iraq. The following summary was taken from

The Communist forces had taken a series of military defeats. The US/ARVN forces had pacified much of the south by the end of 1967 (222 out of 242 provinces). Operation Junction City (February-March 1967) and other sweeps had seriously disrupted NLF activity in the south and forced the COSVN into Cambodia.

At a July 1967 meeting the Communist Party leadership recognized their failures and decided to re-orientate their operations to target two key political weaknesses. Firstly, the deep gulf between the US public and the US government over support for the war and its actual progress. Secondly, the tensions existing between the US military and their Vietnamese allies.

The leadership decided to concentrate on a few high profile operations, that would take place in the public (and the US media) eye rather than fighting the conflict away from major urban centres. This would bolster Northern moral, possibly inspire uprisings in the South and provide the impression, and hopefully the reality, that the US/ARVN were not winning the war and it was likely to be a long time before they did. The new policy also marked a victory for the 'hawks' over the 'doves' in the Communist Party leadership, in late 1967 around 200 senior officials were purged.

Today in Iraq, both the North and the South of the country are relatively pacified with the strongest resistance in the Sunni triangle. The terrorists have embarked on a new strategy, outlined in Abu Zarqawi's letter to OBL discovered in January. This new strategy closely follows the strategy employed by the Communists in Vietnam, as outlined above. Where the terrorists today in Iraq are conducting public, high profile operations like cutting the head off of Nick Berg on camera and killing the rotational head of the Iraqi Governing Council, the Vietnamese launched the Tet Offensive. The Tet Offensive was a resounding military defeat for the Communists:

The NLF and the NVA lost around 35,000 men killed, 60,000 wounded and 6,000 POWs for no military success. The US and ARVN dead totalled around 3,900 (1,100 US). But this was not the conflict as the US public saw it. Without there being an active conspiracy the US media reports were extremely damaging and shocked the American public and politicians. Apparently the depth of the US reaction even surprised the North Vietnamese leadership, as well as delighting them.

But the desired effect was achieved. The media took photos from the battle and turned the American victory into defeat. This is taking place today as illustrated in this OpEd in today's USA Today. Compare that to this
account of the facts on the ground written by Maj. Ben Connable of the 1st Marine Division in the same paper yesterday.

The media military has a good chance of winning, just as they did in Vietnam. The first major step toward victory would be the election of John Kerry as President. John Kerry promised yesterday to pull our troops out of the "Death Zone" of Iraq before the end of his first term, much like we pulled the troops out of Vietnam before the job was finished. After the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, the United States refused even aid to the South Vietnamese when the North broke the Paris accords in 1975 and invaded, killing hundreds of thousands and displacing just as many. Interestingly, at the head of the movement in America to withdraw troops from Vietnam and to refuse aid to the South was John Kerry. It seems that in his entire political career this is the one area in which he has been consistent.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bush: Emptying Oil Reserves Will Endanger Citizens

In response to John Kerry's calls for President Bush to empty the strategic oil reserves to lower gas prices, President Bush has stated that he will not play politics with this issue.

Read the statement here.

In the case of a terrorist attack on the United States, the strategic oil reserve would play a crucial role in keeping the economy rolling. Although current gas prices are high, reducing the quantity in the strategic reserve is a short sighted band-aid fix to a much larger problem. This was a fact that John Kerry seemed to grasp in 2000, when he said:

In February 2000, Kerry Said Release Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Not Be 'Relevant'... 'A release 'is not relevant. It would take months for the oil to get to the market,' Kerry said, as first reported by Cathy Landryin on 2/17/00 in the Platt's Oilgram News, story headlined 'US Energy Chief Warns Of Gasoline Crisis'...

But, that was before he was officially running for President. This is another example of the administration standing up to withering political attacks to protect the American people in the case of another terrorist attack.

Report: 40 Killed in Iraqi Wedding Party

An investigation is ongoing, but if this proves to be true the press will be falling over themselves to make this share the headlines with the prison abuse. It is a tragic accident that will be politicized by the left.

Read it here.

Racing to a New Government

As the June 30th transfer of power in Iraq draws near, the new Iraqi Government and the current American administration that is attempting to set it on its way is facing opposition on two fronts. In Iraq, June 30th is the day terrorists like Zarqawi are dreading. After that date, according to Zarqawi himself, terrorist attacks that kill Iraqi civilians will be seen as a direct attack on fellow Arabs, and not as attacks on the provisional authority. In America, June 30th is the day the Democrats are dreading. It will mark the day when the discussion of Iraq will have to include the fact that Iraq is a self-governing free nation thanks to the work of our military and the resolve of the Bush administration. This strikes fear in the Democrats, and it manifests itself in the rhetoric of defeatism as the Democrats try to convince the American people that June 30th will be a date of disaster in Iraq.

The Washington Times provides an overview of current events in Iraq that are leading to a new government on the 30th of June.

Plans for Iraq "Racing" to a Finish

Read the text of the Abu Zarqawi speech where he outlines the terrorist game plan to disrupt the transfer of power here.
And read an excellent article on the meaning of the letter here.

Sarin? What Sarin?

An excellent column regarding the use of sarin by the terrorists in Iraq, and the use of denial by the press and Democrats to cover it up.

Sarin? What Sarin?

ou probably missed the news because it didn't get much play, but a small, crude weapon of mass destruction may have been used by Saddam's terrorists in Iraq this week.

The apparent weapon was sarin gas, a highly toxic nerve agent that causes victims to choke to death. Developed by the Nazis, it has been used in the past by terrorists in Japan to kill a dozen subway riders and panic thousands, and by Saddam Hussein, who produced tons of it to kill Iraqi Kurds.

Rigged as an "improvised explosive device," or roadside bomb, the 155-millimeter howitzer shell was accidentally detonated by a U.S. ordnance team. Two men were treated for what an Army spokesman called "minor exposure" to the nerve gas.

You never saw such a rush to dismiss this as not news. U.N. weapons inspectors whose reputations rest on denial of Saddam's W.M.D. pooh-poohed the report. "It doesn't strike me as a big deal," said David Kay.

"Sarin Bomb Is Likely a Leftover From the 80's" was USA Today's Page 10 brushoff; maybe the terrorists didn't know their shell was loaded with sarin. Besides, say our lionized apostles of defeat, a poison-gas bomb does not a "stockpile" make. Even the Defense Department, on the defensive, strained not to appear alarmist, saying confirmation was needed for the field tests.

In this rush to misjudgment, we can see an example of the "Four Noes" that have become the defeatists' platform.

The first "no" is no stockpiles of W.M.D., used to justify the war, were found. With the qualifier "so far" left out, the absence of evidence is taken to be evidence of absence. In weeks or years to come — when the pendulum has swung, and it becomes newsworthy to show how cut-and-runners in 2004 were mistaken — logic suggests we will see a rash of articles and blockbuster books to that end.

These may well reveal the successful concealment of W.M.D., as well as prewar shipments thereof to Syria and plans for production and missile delivery, by Saddam's Special Republican Guard and fedayeen, as part of his planned guerrilla war — the grandmother of all battles. The present story line of "Saddam was stupid, fooled by his generals" would then be replaced by "Saddam was shrewder than we thought."

This will be especially true for bacteriological weapons, which are small and easier to hide. In a sovereign and free Iraq, when germ-warfare scientists are fearful of being tried as prewar criminals, their impetus will be to sing — and point to caches of anthrax and other mass killers.

Defeatism's second "no" is no connection was made between Saddam and Al Qaeda or any of its terrorist affiliates. This is asserted as revealed truth with great fervor, despite an extensive listing of communications and meetings between Iraqi officials and terrorists submitted to Congress months ago.

Most damning is the rise to terror's top rank of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who escaped Afghanistan to receive medical treatment in Baghdad. He joined Ansar al-Islam, a Qaeda offshoot whose presence in Iraq to murder Kurds at Saddam's behest was noted in this space in the weeks after 9/11. His activity in Iraq was cited by President Bush six months before our invasion. Osama's disciple Zarqawi is now thought to be the televised beheader of a captive American.

The third "no" is no human-rights high ground can be claimed by us regarding Saddam's torture chambers because we mistreated Iraqi prisoners. This equates sleep deprivation with life deprivation, illegal individual humiliation with official mass murder. We flagellate ourselves for mistreatment by a few of our guards, who will be punished; he delightedly oversaw the shoveling of 300,000 innocent Iraqis into unmarked graves. Iraqis know the difference.

The fourth "no" is no Arab nation is culturally ready for political freedom and our attempt to impose democracy in Iraq is arrogant Wilsonian idealism.

In coming years, this will be blasted by revisionist reportage as an ignoble ethnic-racist slur. Iraqis will gain the power, with our help, to put down the terrorists and find their own brand of political equilibrium.

Will today's defeatists then admit they were wrong? That's a fifth "no."

The Strong Horse

An excellent article by Tony Blankley in today's Washington Times.

America: The Strong Horse

Today's Good News

For today's installment of Today's Good News, it was necessary to travel back in time to February 16 of this year. This is an outstanding article that appeared on the Washington Post website, but was not widely circulated and never made it to the TV screens where, unfortunately, most Americans still get there news. It is important to keep in mind as you read this that the South of Iraq and the North of Iraq have been almost completely pacified since the invasion and are quickly embracing a democratic form of government. Almost all of the gloom and doom that is reported in the press comes from the infamous Sunni triangle. A smaller percentage of problems come from Baghdad, which should be expected given it is the center of the population and was the last city to fall. It is interesting to note that there have been relatively few instances of extreme violence in Baghdad since the end of major combat operations. This despite the estimates by the media and so called experts of 10,000 American troops dieing in "urban warfare" in the streets of Baghdad before its fall. So, as the media continues to ignore all progress in Iraq while producing headline after headline about prisoners being abused, the march towards a free society goes on unnoticed and unreported.

Read the story here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Kerry Blames Bush For High Gas Prices

A follow up to the last post. As incredible as it is, John Kerry is actually trying to blame President Bush for high gas prices. This completely ignores the actual causes of higher oil prices, such as the huge increase in demand due to millions of new cars purchased in China. The statements Kerry made today also completely contradict his own statements four years ago:

In February 2000, Kerry Said Release Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Not Be 'Relevant'... 'A release 'is not relevant. It would take months for the oil to get to the market,' Kerry said, as first reported by Cathy Landryin on 2/17/00 in the Platt's Oilgram News, story headlined 'US Energy Chief Warns Of Gasoline Crisis'...


Today's Good News

Today's good news comes from the southern part of Iraq. Oil production from Iraq is well ahead of schedule, and Iraqi oil is expected to ease the world oil markets. This is good news on several levels, the most obvious being the reduction in gasoline prices. More importantly however, it shows the relative stability of the country. While there are pockets of resistance, the insistence by the press that the country is in chaos and the United states is "losing its grip" is nonsense.

Read it here.

Update on North Korea Train Wreck

North Korea was shipping missiles to Syria. They exploded creating the devastation we saw in North Korea. Last week President Bush imposed sanctions on Syria (see post below). Abu Zarqawi who is a lieutenant to OBL, was operating in Iraq before the war, and is responsible for leading the uprising in Iraq, used Syria as a staging ground for the planning of the foiled attack on Amman, Jordan. The foiled attack contained tons chemicals that were intended to kill tens of thousands of Jordanians. The United States has satellite photography of semi convoys leaving Iraq before the war and entering Syria. The chances of the origin chemicals that were to be used in the attack on Amman being Iraq is very good, considering the Zarqawi link. A shipment of missiles from North Korea, would provide Syria with the means to deliver chemical weapons in a secondary manner (terrorists being the primary manner).

This will not make the news.

Read the story here.

Text of Executive Order against Syria

Because no soldiers were killed or accused of abuse because of this executive order the press failed to report the fact that President Bush signed an executive order imposing sanctions against Syria. It is heartening to know that we currently have a leader that is focused enough to continue to fight the war on terror despite a continuous barrage of attacks and slanders from his opponents and the press. Read the text of the Executive order below. Please note the specific language and how it relates to the Bush Doctrine of pre-emption in regards to states that support terror.

Executive Order

Update on Sarin Shell

Even as Donald Rumsfeld urges caution before jumping to conclusions regarding the sarin shell exploded in Iraq, the main stream media and Democrats are playing down the find. Some are calling the find unimportant, while others are simply ignoring the fact that it was found at all. Most newspapers have either failed to mention the shell or have buried it. It was approximately six hours after the information was made public that the Democrats continued the "Bush lied" mantra on which they have now based their entire political future. This, coupled with the mustard gas shell found two weeks ago, is a huge discovery that will boost American support for the President and the war as it becomes public. This is the danger for the press and for the Democrats. If more are found the entire basis of argument against the President will have been lost for the press and for the Democrats. After all, with a booming economy, unemployment spiraling downward, and two war victories the Democrats and the press have very little on which to demonize the President.

Two good Article re: the weapons find by:
Bill Gertz
The American Spectator

Monday, May 17, 2004

News Coverage As A Weapon

The Belmont Club has a must read post regarding the power of modern media during wartime. The media elite who now control the press coverage of the war in Iraq were in journalism school during the Vietnam War, when the left first learned they could manipulate public sentiment so strongly as to change the outcome of a war. This is a powerful article, please read and keep it in mind as you listen to the news.

Read it here.

Who Is Abu Zarqawi?

The Weekly Standard has a biography of the lead Al-Queda terrorist in Iraq. He is the terrorist who severed the head of Nick Berg and is thought to be behind the attack with the weapon that contained nerve gas today. This is a must read article that will help explain the threat of terrorists and the countries that support them (like Iraq). Please keep in mind that Abu Zarqawi was in Iraq before the war.

Who is Abu Zarqawi?

Breaking News!!

Roadside Bomb Containing Sarin Nerve Gas Explodes in Iraq!! It was a 155 mm artillary shell rigged as an explosive. That (artillary shell containing chemical or biological agents)is exactly the type of WMD cited by the Bush Administration before the invasion.


Read initial report here.



Now sit back and wait for the spin from the media and from the Democrats.

Thwarting of The Constitution

If liberals who want to change to definition of marriage are so confident that their beliefs are correct for society, why is it that they have to find a court to over rule prevailing law to implement their beliefs. Why not put this to the voters and have the American people decide as instructed in the Constitution? Because the measure would never pass. Leftist elites believe that their belief system is so superior to that of the average American as to make the imposition of their will acceptable in their minds. This was put to a vote in one state, arguably the most liberal state in the union, California, and it was defeated by a huge margin. The good news is this will motivate people to support a constitutional amendment, and will serve as the back drop for the Democratic convention when it comes to Boston. The majority of Americans disagree with this (last polls were in the high 60's) therefore it could serve as a deathnell for the Kerry campaign.

Read it here.

Car Bomb Kills Head of Iraqi Governing Council

A tragic and temporary setback for the people of Iraq.

Car Bomb

Today's Good News

Believe it or not, today's good news comes from Fallujah, Iraq. The city in the "Sunni Triangle" that has been the focus of some intense battles (and a tremendous amount of media hyperbole) the past few weeks. Retired Iraqi Maj. Gen. Mohammed Abdul-Latif, who is apparently very well respected among the citizens of Fallujah and, more importantly, the elders and sheiks of the area has called on the citizens to support U.S. efforts to stabilize Iraq. His statements are incredibly pro U.S., and seem to have been met with agreement among the elders and sheiks. A sample of his statement:

Latif, speaking in Arabic to the sheiks, defended the Marines and the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

"They were brought here by the acts of one coward who was hunted out of a rathole - Saddam - who disgraced us all," Latif said. "Let us tell our children that these men (U.S. troops) came here to protect us.

"As President Bush said, they did not come here to occupy our land but to get rid of Saddam. We can help them leave by helping them do their job, or we can make them stay ten years and more by keeping fighting."

Read this incredible story here.

This turn of events should be broadcast all over the country, as it may represent a major turn in the rebuilding of all of Iraq. However, those who rely on mainstream media will not hear or read this story. Please email the link to everyone you know, or print a hardcopy to hand out.

Syrian "Technicians" Killed in North Korean Train Crash

It seems that the train that caused the huge explosion in North Korea had some interesting passengers aboard. Syrian "technicians" were reportedly killed in the crash as they hauled cargo. The question of course is what was the cargo?

Read it here.

Al-Queda: Canada Deserves Bombing

Well it seems that whiny, pacifistic oppositition to the U.S. war in Iraq does not get you off of the hook after all. Didn't President Bush say something like, "We have to fight the enemy on their land, so we don't end up fighting them on ours"? Maybe our friendly neighbors up north should have listened.

Read ithere.

Canada is an ally, and an attack on it should be viewed as an attack on the U.S.

Two Good Stories From Yesterday

There were actually two good interviews on Meet the Press yesterday, John McCain and Colin Powell.

Colin Powell asked a question we all want answered: Where is the outrage from Arabs over the death of Nick Berg?

Read the story here.

The second interview with John McCain seemed to answer the A Time For Choosing poll question: Will John McCain run as John Kerry's VP? The answer seems to be no.

Read the story here.

Kerry Blames Bush For Abuses

It seems that some newspapers in the country are catching up to news reported on A Time For Choosing last Friday. John Kerry blamed President Bush for the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. This is an outrage, and today The Manchester Union Leader out of New Hampshire (not exactly Bush country) has written an editorial that comes to the same conclusion.

Read ithere.

Senators Knew of Prisoner Abuse and Investigation Months Ago

It seems that many of the same Senators that have claimed to have been out of the loop regarding the prisoner abuse scandal may not be disclosing all of the details. Soldiers charged with the maltreatment of prisoners as a result of an Army investigation at the beginning of the year began writing their elected representatives (including some Republicans) in February. In almost every case they received a reply. The prison scandal has been in the headlines for weeks, yet not a single one of these elected officials gave any indication that were aware of the situation. In fact the public has had to endure two weeks of whining by Senators who say they were never informed. The abuse was a tragedy committed by a small group of degenerate soldiers, the rest of the sickening self loathing and hysteria by lawmakers and the media was a ginned up political crises to try to damage the President.

Read the storyhere.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Voice of Clarity

Jack Kelly, who always seems to be a voice of clarity in the wilderness that is mainstream media has an excellent piece today's that compares the election of 1864 with the election of 2004. The brilliance of the article is the comparison of present day Democrats (and media elite) to the Copperhead element of the Democratic party during the Civil War. Mr. Kelly also touches on the alternative universe that many people in the press (including many conservatives) seem to be operating in regarding the progress of the war in Iraq. It seems that normally clear thinking conservative writers have fallen into the trap set by the main stream media. Many have started spending the bulk of their column space or TV time trying to refute the, for lack of a better word, garbage, that is spewed by radical Senators like Ted Kennedy and the radical, hysterical media elite like Seymour Hersh. As Jack Kelly cited in his article, even George Will, a normally stable conservative voice, seems to have collapsed under the weight of the main stream media. He has given up, based not on what is happening on the ground, but because of what Americans are being told is happening on the ground in Iraq. Mr. Kelly is correct, this election is as important as the election of 1864. If the voters re-elect George Bush they will be not only be rejecting the policy ideas (or lack thereof) of John Kerry, they will be rejecting the radical ideas that created him.

Read Jack Kelly's excellent article here.

Hit Piece

In a continued effort by elite media to damage the Bush Administration with the Abu Ghraib prison story, The New Yorker has published a piece by Seymour M. Hersh in which he states that the prison abuse was ordered by Rumsfeld. Read it here. The story reads like a military spy novel in which the author mixes fact, fiction and conjecture to form conclusions. Any number of other conclusions could be drawn from the limited data provided, however the ones stated by the author fit his agenda, so they are written as though they are fact. The pentagon denied the allegations and condemned the story. This is yellow journalism at its worst. The liberal media has decided that the end (getting rid of Bush) justifies any means, no matter how salacious or damaging to the war effort or to the United States in general. It is interesting that major media outlets that run stories like these always have identical sources, the unnamed "former and current intelligence officials". Despite all of his ramblings in this story, Seymour Hersh story fails to account for several key facts in the prison case. At least one of the accused soldiers has stated that not only did the orders to abuse prisoners not come from higher in the chain of command, but that the participants had intentionally hidden their activities and had warned others about letting any commanding officer know of the activities. The article also does not deal with the general depravity of the soldiers involved. Recent revelations regarding the behavior of Pfc. Lynddie England help paint the picture of a small depraved group of soldiers engaged in behavior that would be hard for anyone to imagine, much less order. Having no success making the ludicrous "Bush Knew!" scandal stick, the Democrats and their accomplices in the press have now turned to "Rumsfeld Knew!". (This also follows the "Rove Knew!" regarding the release of Valarie Plame's name to the public.) It seems however that the press is finally making some headway in convincing the public that the Bush administration knew about September 11 ahead of time, set out to destroy anyone that opposed them and ordered the soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison to engage in depraved acts. Every negative story that can be gathered from Iraq has been used to create the illusion that Iraq is a miserable failure and it is entirely the fault of the Bush Administration. The current Newsweek poll
has President Bush's approval rating at a new low of 42%. Interestingly however the poll indicates that no matter how low his approval rating, John Kerry cannot overtake the President, but can, at best, tie. Big media polls such as the Newsweek poll, are to be taken with a grain of salt as they generally reflect lower numbers for President Bush than other polls.

The media is longing for the days of the Tet Offensive, when a major military victory for the United States can be turned into a devastating loss in the mind of the public and be used to undermine a war. The election in November will determine if the country will look to the future and fight the war on terror or succumb to those who wish to sentence this country to at least another 40 years of "Vietnam Syndrome".

Saturday, May 15, 2004

A New Perspective

Roger L. Simon of has a scoop regarding prison videos soon to be released from Iraq on the new Arab-language television network Alhurra. However these photographs and videos date from the time of Saddam Hussein's rule and should help put the treatment of Iraqi detainees by Americans in perspective. Many in the media and in the government (Ted Kennedy)have made a direct comparison between the treatment of prisoners by a handful of Americans to the treatment of prisoners of Saddam Hussein. The description of the soon to be released photographs shows how ludicrous that assertion is.

Be advised that the description is very graphic.

Photos and Videos

Today's Good News

Today's good news installment comes from an Iraqi blogger. Mohammed, who runs Iraq The Model, has had several excellent posts the past few days, specifically, Not In My City and Ibrahim and the Dark Future. These posts provide an insight into current events in Iraq that cannot be gained from watching/reading/listening to mainstream American media outlets.

Be sure to read the other posts dealing with the qualification of the Iraqi football team for the Olympics, and the return of salaries to retired Iraqi governmental employees.

Iraq The Model

Americans who rely on mainstream media for news from Iraq will never be allowed to hear stories like the ones told by Iraqis writing unfiltered and unedited in Iraq.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Oh! Those Weapons of Mass Destruction

A new plaque is to be unveiled in Iran. Here is the story:

Tehran to unveil plaque denouncing Germany's supply of chemical weapons during 1980s

Iranian authorities plan to erect a plaque outside the German embassy on Friday denouncing Germany's contribution to Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons arsenal. The move by Tehran's city council is a direct response to the unveiling of a plaque in Berlin denouncing Iran for the 1992 murders of four Kurdish dissidents. The Mykonos restaurant killings prompted the European Union to suspend dialogue with the Islamic republic for a year. The head of the city council, Mehdi Chamran, demanded the German government apologize to the Iranian nation and to the victims of the chemical weapons and their families.


Voices of Clarity

Victor Davis Hanson has a must read article today. This article is an example of why he is linked from this site. Please read.

American Cannibalism

Please read this story and pass it to everybody you know.

The second voice of clarity is that of Joe Lieberman. Senator Lieberman seems to be the only Democrat that understands the seriousness war in which we are engaged. Although it is unlikely that he would ever leave the Democratic Party, Joe Lieberman has displayed a seriousness about defending the country not seen in his party in at least 40 years.

Let Us Have Faith

Today's Good News

A Time For Choosing is taking on an expanded mission. Each day, along with the normal fare of news stories regarding the election , war and other current events, A Time For Choosing will post a link to a story that highlights the GOOD that America is doing around the world, but particularly in Iraq. The source could be a major news story or a soldiers blog or anything in between. This is to counter the daily media onslaught that decries the United States and its "illegal war". Consider it a breathe of fresh air in a polluted environment of knowledge.

Today's story comes from the Wall Street Journal and starts ironically, in the Abu Ghraib.

A Different Abu Ghraib Story

John Kerry Blames President Bush for Prison Abuses

Several earlier posts ("Say Please!", "Again, A Time For Choosing", "A Tragedy Turning Into A Travesty")have discussed how the Democrats were slowly trying to skew the facts and the details of the prison abuse in order to build a foundation on which to shift the blame from the soldiers at the prison to President Bush. John Kerry completed that transition yesterday stating that the administrations "laxity" of command was the cause of the abuse. This is as ignorant as it is incoherent, but it was the game plan all along. The Democrats could care less about the abuse except for its use as a political tool to damage the President. It is shameful, misleading and damaging to the War on Terror for the Democrats to publicly blame the administration when we are currently engaged in a propaganda war. These actions by the Democrats will only serve to further fuel the fires of hatred and allow the terrorists that we are trying to defeat to recruit more in to the armies to fight the infidels. Read about the disgraceful interview here.

The Childish Generation

Thomas Sowell, one of the great American thinkers writing today, has an excellent column in the Washington Times regarding the state of our country relative to the war. He draws some of the same conclusions that have been expressed in posts on A Time For Choosing regarding the media's lack of responsibility during this war. This is today's must read:

The Childish Generation

Don Rumsfeld in Iraq

In his surprise visit to Iraq, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was welcomed with loud whoops and cheers. He gave a speech to the troops and then took questions from them in an attempt to reassure them that, despite what they hear coming from the media and even some lawmakers, the American people are proud of them.

Read about his trip to Iraq here.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

A Liar, A Degenerate and a Disgrace

Pfc. Lynndie England (female in prison abuse photos), who in an interview with a Denver TV station last night portrayed herself as a lowly soldier following orders from unnamed higher authorities, has been outed as a degenerate. She has attempted to blame the chain of command, an attempt readily seized upon by the media, but the following story should serve to prove that the scandal was caused by a few soldiers not the chain of command.

Really, the article speaks for itself.

Readers be warned that the article contains descriptions of the type of activity in which Pfc. Lynndie England was engaged.

Read the articlehere.

Reality Check

There is a myriad of articles by various chicken littles in the press today that have a hysterical "the sky is falling" theme. They are not worth linking to, but to give you a flavor of the attitude of the press regarding the war here are a few of their titles (please note these are all from today, and only represent a miniscule portion of those published with the same themes):

Battle for Hearts and Minds is Being Lost in Iraq - P. Atlas, Indianapolis Star

Why Does the President Still Trust Rumsfeld's Judgment? - Fred Kaplan, Slate

Throwing Victory Away - Ralph Peters, New York Post

Senator Airs GOP War Discomfort - Robert Novak, Chicago Sun-Times

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There are others.

Amid this relentless onslaught by the media, Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby has written an article that will resonate with the majority of everyday Americans. This is today's must read: the Images We See--And those We Don't

Say Please!

The prison abuse scandal is beginning to have a wider range of consequences than it did when the story first broke. Everyone agrees that the release of the photos has been a setback. However, the hysterical media is attempting to turn this into a trial not of the soldiers guilty of the abuse, but of the American military and intelligence services as a whole. Blaming the military and the CIA is the setup for placing all of the blame at the feet of President Bush. This article in the New York Times is a prime example. In the article the authors voice genuine concern that the CIA may be using "rough interrogation techniques" in the interrogation of top Al-Queda members that have been captured by the United States. As an example the article sites the use of "waterboarding", the strapping down of a prisoner who is then pushed under water and made to believe he is going to drown, on Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is known to have planned or have helped plan the attacks on September 11. At the time of his capture he was number two or three behind UBL in the chain of command and certainly privy to plans for future attacks. It is possible that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed has information that could help authorities save the lives of hundreds or/of thousands of Americans. Are we as Americans really supposed to be concerned with the fact that he is made to be uncomfortable while in US custody? It can be assumed that many Americans would be concerned that interrogators are not allowed to use whatever means they deem necessary to extract information from top Al-Queda members. However, this section in the article is primarily used to set up this paragraph:

These techniques were authorized by a set of secret rules for the interrogation of high-level Qaeda prisoners, none known to be housed in Iraq, that were endorsed by the Justice Department and the C.I.A. The rules were among the first adopted by the Bush administration after the Sept. 11 attacks for handling detainees and may have helped establish a new understanding throughout the government that officials would have greater freedom to deal harshly with detainees.

There it is, the connection to Bush Administration policies and the abuse at the prison in Iraq. The attempt to imply a link between an executive order dealing with high level Al-Queda members and the actions of soldiers in a prison in Iraq is absurd, but for the New York Times it provides fodder for the future blame of the administration. Of course this does not make sense. The authors state that the rules are secret in the beginning of the paragraph, but in the last sentence assert that these secret rules established a new understanding throughout the entire government on how to handle detainees. If rules are secret how can they influence an entire government? The article goes on to state the Bush Administration did no long term planning and that many intelligence officials are concerned about the treatment of prisoners. Of course none of the "current and former intelligence officials" are named, which is convenient for the New York Times. The article also complains at the end about high level Al-Queda detainees being denied an attorney, as if they are American citizens guilty of stealing a loaf of bread.

The entire article should be read, as it gives an outline of what the War on Terror would look like under liberal leadership (John Kerry). The United States is fighting an enemy that will saw the head off of an American civilian in their custody, yet the liberals in this country are demanding that our interrogators say please when attempting to gain information that could save lives. We are at war and we must fight to win, not fight to ensure our popularity with the rest of the world.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The Iraq Link to September 11

There has long been pieces of evidence connecting Saddam Hussein and September 11. Some of which has been mentioned ever so briefly by the administration. Each time it is mentioned the cacophony of hysterical denouncements is deafening. However, the evidence that does exist and is acknowledged to exist by people on both side of the issue leaves little doubt that it is not a closed matter. Laurie Mylroie has collected the available evidence into one article, ahead of what may be a blockbuster report by Edward J. Epstein.


Other News From Iraq, Please.

Believe it or not, there is other news coming from Iraq, and it is good news for the United States. Remember the Al-Sadyr, the Shiite cleric leading a "popular uprising" against the United States. It seems the uprising was not as "popular" as the media would have liked for us to believe. In fact, Shiites in Najaf, where Al-Sadyr is hiding, have taken to the streets against him. They want he and his militia out of the city. How can this story, which is an integral part of the story of Al-Sadyr that was splashed on every TV screen and newspapers for weeks, be buried? Read the story here.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Canadian Prime Minister Believes that Iraq Did Have WMD

The PM of Canada could be a voice in the wilderness that is (literally and figuratively) Canada.

Read it here.

Again, A Time For Choosing

The use of hyperbole in any discourse tends to discredit the user. It is with that in mind that most people who wish to be taken seriously avoid the use of hyperbole (for an example of how the repeated use of hyperbole discredits the user, think of any morning show on the three big networks). In previous posts, including yesterday's "A Tragedy Turning Into A Travesty", it has been stated that the Democratic Party was becoming dangerous in it's rhetoric. Those remarks were measured, intentionally.

That was posted before Senator Ted Kennedy (D) gave a recorded speech on the floor of the Senate. Here is an excerpt:

“On March 19, 2004, President Bush asked, ‘Who would prefer that Saddam’s torture chambers still be open?’” said Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. “Shamefully, we now learn that Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management: U.S. management.”

In an official and recorded speech given on the floor of the U.S. Senate, Ted Kennedy declared that Saddam Hussein's torture chambers had been re-opened under U.S. management. Senator Kennedy is one of the most famous U.S. politicians, he is the brother of an even more famous politician, he is one of the highest ranking leaders in the Democratic Party, and he is the leading supporter and tactician for John Kerry, the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. It can be assumed that within hours his words, making a direct comparison between the regime of Saddam Hussein and the United States force in Iraq, had made it around the world. It is now reasonable to use the words "aide and comfort of the enemy" without hyperbole. His words may be the most damaging ever uttered on the floor of the Senate by a sitting Senator. They will have a direct effect on the war on terror, and were in fact stated with that consequence in mind. His words will undoubtedly inspire thousands, maybe more, fanatical young Muslims to join in jihad against the United States. They will inspire the insurgents in Iraq to fight on against the "torturers" in the American Army, as they are no better than the regime of Saddam Hussein. His words will almost undoubtedly be found, some days or weeks or months from now, on an al-queda recruiting video confiscated from the lair of a terrorist in some city hours before their scheduled attack. His words give hope to those terrorist organizations that are hoping to ride out the storm until a day when the U.S. will withdraw, (be it from failure in leadership or loss of will or both) thus allowing them to claim "victory" and recruit even more people into their death cult. Ted Kennedy's words will give the jihadis the propaganda that they need to whip masses into a frenzy to feed their "armies". His words give them hope, his words give them "aide and comfort".

Ted Kennedy gave words to the soul of the current Democratic Party. He is its speaker. The same attitude that allowed Ted Kennedy to speak those words on the Senate floor is present in the words of Carl Levin, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, Theresa Heinz Kerry and all of the others in that party that have used the actions of a few service men in Iraq to indict the entire war on terror as illegitimate, and blame the abuse on systemic failures in the military. It is present in the signature petition currently being passed around by the Kerry campaign trying to force the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld. The words used by the Democratic Party are spoken with the full knowledge of their potential impact, in the hopes of taking down a war time president. The desire to retake power has now fully consumed the Democratic Party, and this obsession is damaging the war and will lead to the deaths of soldiers and civilians.

We cannot expect an apology, nor can we expect condemnation of Ted Kennedy's words by his fellow Democrats (with the possible exception of Joe Lieberman)as this is as much their belief as it is his. They do not believe this is a war, and they do not believe that the United States has the moral authority to fight such a war. We are the same as Hussein's torturer's. This is the party that wants to lead this nation during one of the most precarious times in our history. Yesterday it was stated in the post, "A Tragedy Turning Into A Travesty" that the outcome of the election in November would determine the role of the United states in the world, but it is no longer hyperbole to say that this election will indeed determine whether the United States will win the war or submit to living under the fear of terror.

"You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope for man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness."

-Ronald Reagan, A Time For Choosing

Read an article including excerpts of Kennedy's speech here.

For the words of a true statesman, read Reagan's "A Time For Choosing" (for which this blog in named) here. This speech is as relevent today as it was the day it was delivered 40 years ago. The last 6-8 paragraphs are particularly pertinent and could (should?) be used today to remind Americans of the importance of the war on terror.

Monday, May 10, 2004

"You Are Doing A Superb Job"

In his press conference today, President Bush updated the progress of the war and stood by Donald Rumsfeld. Read the transcript of the press conference here.

A Tragedy Turning into a Travesty

The photos of Iraqi prisoners being "tortured" have become a rallying symbol every anti-American person, country and entity around the world. The actions of a few bad soldiers has now been made to outweigh the incredible sacrifice by America and America's soldiers in liberating a country. Those who opposed the war from the beginning, those who hate America as a hobby and now of course the Democrats are more than happy to try to make the situation as bad as possible, no matter the consequences to the war on terror.
The Democrats who immediately called for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld are slowly coordinating their effort to ultimately blame President Bush. This started this weekend with Carl Levin the ranking Democratic member on the Armed Services committee, stating that President Bush is responsible for creating an atmosphere in which this could happen. This is an outrage. The Democrats are willing to risk huge setbacks in Iraq and in the greater war on terror to take down President Bush. They do not have the stomach to fight the war on terror and they do not have the integrity to put country before party. What would a Democrat led war on terror look like? We have a good idea from the Clinton years. The Democratic reaction to the abuse guarantees that a Kerry led administration would absolve America of the duties of leading the free world (earned by the blood of millions of Americans who have died for others freedoms) and hand the reigns of the foreign policy of this country and the war on terror to the United nations. Despite the fact that the recently exposed oil for food scam which took billions of dollars in relief money from the Iraqi people and lined the pockets of UN officials and foreign politicians is undoubtedly responsible for the death, not the humiliation, of tens of thousands of Iraqis.

The Democratic Party is becoming dangerous in its irresponsible statements and accusations at a time of war. They have yet to outline their vision of protecting the United States, but instead have based their policy on discrediting the current battle of that war and the Commander in Chief leading it. The encouragement given to the enemy by their actions and statements is incalculable. They have been aided in their actions by a sympathetic media, and they have a very different vision for America than the administration they are trying to discredit. American's have a very stark choice to make in November, and the future role that America will play in the world depends on the choice they make.


Midge Decter of the Newe York Post has written a column that summarizes how this tragedy has been turned into a travesty

Panic Attack