Monday, May 31, 2004

Air America Floundering

The liberal answer to conservative controlled talk radio, Air America, seems to be on it's last legs. Despite being fawned over by the main stream press and morning shows during it's launch, the network is now doing so poorly that Al Franken, the networks "big name" host, has just agreed to work for free. Three reasons for failure:

1.) Offensive and untalented hosts that base their shows on hate and slander.
2.) Inability of arguments based on emotion to stand up to questioning by callers.
3.) The media market is already saturated with liberal propaganda. NPR, the nightly news, the morning shows and now Air America all say the same thing from the same viewpoint. They basically supersaturated the media with their ideology.

Read about it here.

When the network does collapse Al Franken and his cohorts will undoubtedly blame a conservative conspiracy for the failure. It will be entertaining to watch.