Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bush: Emptying Oil Reserves Will Endanger Citizens

In response to John Kerry's calls for President Bush to empty the strategic oil reserves to lower gas prices, President Bush has stated that he will not play politics with this issue.

Read the statement here.

In the case of a terrorist attack on the United States, the strategic oil reserve would play a crucial role in keeping the economy rolling. Although current gas prices are high, reducing the quantity in the strategic reserve is a short sighted band-aid fix to a much larger problem. This was a fact that John Kerry seemed to grasp in 2000, when he said:

In February 2000, Kerry Said Release Of Oil From Strategic Petroleum Reserve Would Not Be 'Relevant'... 'A release 'is not relevant. It would take months for the oil to get to the market,' Kerry said, as first reported by Cathy Landryin on 2/17/00 in the Platt's Oilgram News, story headlined 'US Energy Chief Warns Of Gasoline Crisis'...

But, that was before he was officially running for President. This is another example of the administration standing up to withering political attacks to protect the American people in the case of another terrorist attack.