Saturday, May 29, 2004

Iraq/Al-Queda Link Update

Thursday's post The Iraq/Al-Queda Plot Thickens discussed newly revealed information that could provide evidence of a direct link between Saddam Hussein's regime and Al-Queda. This link is a man listed as a Colonel in the rosters of the Fedayeen Saddam, who with the help and guidance of Iraqi security and intelligence went to Kuala Lumpur where he met with high level Al-Queda operatives, including several of the men who piloted planes on September 11. Since that post, more information has come to the surface and has been reported by The Weekly Standard's Stephan Hayes. His article (read it here) details not only this connection, but also the connections made by the Clinton administration. There are blockbuster revelations in this article and the forthcoming book from which it is written. The Bush Administration must make an effort to get this information to the public. This is a must read article, please pass this on to your friends.

Buy the book by Stephen Hayes here.