Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Kim Jong Il's Yard Sale

The leader of North Korea has put it's Taepo Dong II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile up for sale to middle eastern countries. The most likely customer is of course Iran, who is currently going full boar with it's own Manhattan Project. North Korea's economy is almost entirely dependent on the sale of weapons and weapons systems. They are an indiscriminate seller, as likely to sell their wares to a terrorist group as to a nation.

Iran's appetite for an "Islamic Bomb" is insatiable. They must be stopped before they are allowed to produce a weapon if they haven't already done so. Although the popular thought is that the "mullocracy" in Iran will collapse under the weight of a popular resistance, time has run out for this solution. Stopping the mullahs will almost certainly require the use of force (unfortunately for John Kerry the mullahs aren't available to be arrested at the moment). There is no accurate assessment of how close Iran is to achieving its goal of producing a nuclear weapon, and the UN is proving to be as feckless in stopping the production as they were in "containing" Saddam. Israel will undoubtedly be the primary target of an Iranian nuclear weapon, whether the delivery system is a terrorist or a ballistic missile. Israel has proven that it is willing to take great risks when its existence is threatened. The destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor in the early 1980's is a very good example. However, it is almost certain that Iran learned valuable lessons from the destruction of that reactor as well as the debacle that was the policy of containment in Iraq. Iran has surely de-centralized, duplicated and buried its weapons program to protect it from air strikes, which may make it necessary to have "boots on the ground". Israel has been kept out of American operations in the middle east to avoid the inevitable "backlash" (the angry Arab street we hear so much about), however if the target is Iran it would open the possibility of a joint US/Israeli operation, as the country most likely to use a joint operation as propaganda would be the target of the operation.

This is a serious situation that will have to confronted soon, or else the free world risks losing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to the "Islamic Bomb".

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