Monday, May 24, 2004

Military Media Refuses to Pre-empt "The Swan" with President Bush's Speech

President Bush is scheduled to give a speech tonight outlining the transfer of power in Iraq on June 30th. This comes after month's of Democrats and talking heads howling that President Bush has not communicated the plans for Iraq with the American people. Apparently however, the transfer of power in a newly liberated country in the Middle East is not as important as Fear Factor or The Swan. This is how far we have gone in three years. Three thousand people were killed in 2001, a terrorist strike that finally woke this nation from it's post cold war stupor, and the most important point of the most important battle (so far) of this ongoing war is less important than a cosmetic surgery beauty pageant. This is a bad sign for President Bush's re-election hopes. It is widely accepted that the media is biased, but there is a huge percentage of the population that gets all of its news from the major networks. They are now refusing to allow unfiltered information about the war to get to the population. I do not trust the majority of the electorate to see through the media blitz. This is a very pessimistic post, but the fact is that a majority sees the Iraq war as unsuccessful, despite the fact that the majority of the country is pacified and has held primary general council elections in which secular candidates were very successful. According to a Fox News poll, 40 percent of the country thinks the economy is getting worse, despite the 4.5% sustained growth rate, the highest home ownership rate ever, the 867,000 jobs created in 2004, and the projected continued growth. What is the surest way that the media that so despises President Bush can ensure his defeat? Suppress all but the worst news pertaining to everything happening in the country. On that note, in the serious media, Michael Barone has written an excellent column with some advice for the President.

Read it here.

If anyone out there is more optimistic, please post the reason as a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.