Friday, May 21, 2004

The Mystery of Chalabi

Yesterday, US military forces and Iraqi police raided the home of Ahmed Chalabi, who at one time was favored by the pentagon to head the new Iraqi government. Details are very sketchy. There are varying reports as to the reason for this, from his involvement in the UN Oil for Food Scandal, to the assertion that he was passing US secrets to Iran, to the accusation that the raid was to net his lower level aides that were involved in stealing cars. The media and even the blogosphere are alive with theories and analysis that this is a setback in the transfer or power. It is too early to draw any conclusions from the raid, and it is certainly too early for wailing and gnashing of teeth. It seems that even the most ardent supporters of President Bush still don't fully believe him when he states that the June 30th deadline will not be pushed back. The transfer of power is going to happen. If Ahmed Chalabi has been involved in activities that are detrimental to that transfer in some way, then it is good to get him out of the way now.

The press and the blogosphere need top let the details shake out before judgements are made or analysis is give.

Update: Fox News and CBS News Claim to Have Confirmed That Chalabi Passed Information To Iran

Read it here.

Quite frankly, if this is true the raid on his home and his exclusion from the new government is good news. Whatever problems this may cause now, the future problems that it may nip in the bud would be vastly worse. A replacement will be found and vetted, and the transfer will happen on June 30th. The media and the Democrats will (with their typical hysterics)try to convince the American people that this makes the transfer of power either impossible or (to use their new favorite word) unwise.

If the American government proves that Cahalbi spied for Iran, then the gallows that that end the life of Saddam Hussein should be made to hold two.