Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Racing to a New Government

As the June 30th transfer of power in Iraq draws near, the new Iraqi Government and the current American administration that is attempting to set it on its way is facing opposition on two fronts. In Iraq, June 30th is the day terrorists like Zarqawi are dreading. After that date, according to Zarqawi himself, terrorist attacks that kill Iraqi civilians will be seen as a direct attack on fellow Arabs, and not as attacks on the provisional authority. In America, June 30th is the day the Democrats are dreading. It will mark the day when the discussion of Iraq will have to include the fact that Iraq is a self-governing free nation thanks to the work of our military and the resolve of the Bush administration. This strikes fear in the Democrats, and it manifests itself in the rhetoric of defeatism as the Democrats try to convince the American people that June 30th will be a date of disaster in Iraq.

The Washington Times provides an overview of current events in Iraq that are leading to a new government on the 30th of June.

Plans for Iraq "Racing" to a Finish

Read the text of the Abu Zarqawi speech where he outlines the terrorist game plan to disrupt the transfer of power here.
And read an excellent article on the meaning of the letter here.