Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Reason for Hope in the Media?

President Bush had hardly uttered the last word of his speech on Monday night before the criticism began to pour in. Without hesitation the Democrats called the speech a failure, and the media, unable to think critically enough to comment on the actual content, simply stated that whatever the President said, he said it too late. In fact, Judy Woodruff and the New Yor Times tried to combine the two criticisms. Judy Woodruff actually said on CNN that, "there was nothing new in the speech, and why didn't he say this a year ago?". Let's take a second to analyze that. There is "nothing new", which means she has heard it all before, and "why didn't he say it a year ago?" which one has to assume means that even though she has heard it all in the past, she wanted to hear it even earlier or even more in the past? So he has said these things too often and yet not enough? But so it goes. The condemnations and the cries that it is too late and Iraq is a lost cause continue. The assertion that "Bush Lied" continues unabated in the Democratic Party and in the media despite the find of chemical weapons in Iraq. It seems that the Democrats and the media have taken a strategy from the Al-Zarqawi letter to OBL to heart, and are increasing their rhetoric day by day until June 30th. Interestingly they seek the same end by different means, both groups want to see President Bush fail so that John Kerry, who has outlined a foreign policy much more to the liking of both groups, will be elected. The Democrats, working through the willing media, have managed to get the Republicans off message and hide the fact that their candidate is the most radical, liberal candidate nominated by a major party since the Democrats nominated McGovern in 1972. The terrorists are succeeding in changing the public perception of a successful war to that of a devastating loss. They have learned that this is the "center of gravity" of the strength of the United States. Despite a dramatic decrease in the loss of life in Iraq, the pacification of the vast majority of the country and successful elections held in most parts of the country, pundits, politicians and even some conservatives deem Iraq a miserable failure. The terrorists are indeed succeeding, despite the fact that their game plan is well known, and has been used before.

President Bush's speech was the first in a series leading to the transfer or power at the end of June. It can be assured that the media and the Democrats have already written their responses to these yet to be delivered speeches, and despite the facts on the ground are ready to declare the war lost if it means the defeat of George Bush. It is this attitude of defeatism and anti-Americanism (yes that word is chosen carefully, but what else can it be called)that have a few people in the press starting to wonder if the Democrats and the press will overplay their hand with the American public. There are actually three good articles today that chastise the press and the Democrats for their Bush hatred and their desire to see the United States retreat in Iraq. An analysis of what the speech and the reactions to it mean, and the historical context of it by Tony Blankley, a call for the media to stop its America bashing, and the consequences of said bashing by Esther Jungreis, and an analysis of how all of this could end up being good for President Bush by Eric Fettman.