Monday, May 17, 2004

Thwarting of The Constitution

If liberals who want to change to definition of marriage are so confident that their beliefs are correct for society, why is it that they have to find a court to over rule prevailing law to implement their beliefs. Why not put this to the voters and have the American people decide as instructed in the Constitution? Because the measure would never pass. Leftist elites believe that their belief system is so superior to that of the average American as to make the imposition of their will acceptable in their minds. This was put to a vote in one state, arguably the most liberal state in the union, California, and it was defeated by a huge margin. The good news is this will motivate people to support a constitutional amendment, and will serve as the back drop for the Democratic convention when it comes to Boston. The majority of Americans disagree with this (last polls were in the high 60's) therefore it could serve as a deathnell for the Kerry campaign.

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