Sunday, May 23, 2004

A Time of Great Concern

After having successfully effected the outcome of the Spanish election, the terrorists have again turned their eyes to the United States. U.S. intelligence has picked up "increasing chatter" since the Spanish bombing and are working to thwart potential strikes in the United states.
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The terrorists are to blame for this threat, however, the appeasement mentality that pervades Europe and saw to the ouster of the Jose Marie Asnar's government has emboldened and energized them. If there is a successful terrorist attack in the United States before the November election, the cry for appeasement will be loud. Anti-war groups will blame the War in Iraq and the Bush administration. Democrats will use the attack as a platform to attack the President for "enraging the Arab Street" with the invasion of Iraq and for neglecting homeland security. This chaos, finger-pointing and divisiveness will be a victory for the terrorists. If the media, the Democrats and the left of this country are able to persuade the American people that the Bush Administration is indeed to blame for the attack then the terrorists will have achieved total victory. If President Bush is not re-elected in November after a terrorist attack, the message sent to the terrorists will be the same no matter what the reason for his defeat. What then? If terrorists are allowed to think that they can help to defeat an American President that opposes their goals of domination and submission, what will the future of this country look like? Will the terrorists not be further emboldened to attack to achieve political goals that suit their interests?

The terrorists will continue to attack this country until they are defeated or killed. The American reaction to future attacks will be the mark by which the terrorists will measure the success of an attack. The American people must not allow the terrorist to achieve victory at the voting booth.