Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Today's Good News

Despite the fact that critics of Bush Administration policy on Iraq are using the handling of the Al-Sadr situation as an example of how bad the situation in Iraq has become, and how Bush Administration policies are in disarray, the actual situation on the ground seems to much different. Al-Sadr has become increasingly irrelevant and our soldiers continue to make great advances against his illegal milita despite the fact that the press and pundits have spun the current strategy to look as if we are retreating. We captured Al-Sadr's top aise last night wjile killing many more in the militia. Read the story here. At the same time the most influential Shi'ite cleric in Iraq has directly layed the blame for the damage done to a mosque on Al-Sadr and his milita. More importantly, he stated that the damage was a cowardly act by the militia in an attempt to discredit the coalition. Read this fantastic story here.

Note that neither of these come from an American paper.