Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Two Battles in One war

Last night President Bush gave a speech to the Army War College detailing the transfer of power in Iraq. The Whitehouse apparently did not ask the major networks to cover the speech and they didn't. That is unfortunate. The speech laid out in great detail the five steps to Iraqi sovereignty. There was thorough explanation of each step accompanied by examples of successes within that step. The speech was very solid and the President was very resolute. In fact this was the most striking aspect. As the media and the Democrats and the rest of the President's detractors deride, seethe, rant, scream quagmire, compare the U.S. Army to Ba'athist thugs, use personal slander, suppress and spin all good news from the battlefield and preach the inevibility of defeat, the President marches on, steady and resolute. This is the juxtaposition, this is the choice in November, and this is what is at stake. There are two wars in the war on terror. The war on the battlefield in which our soldiers are fighting effectively, efficiently and professionally, risking their lives each day to try to prevent another September 11. The second war is being fought at home, and is bloodless, yet the consequences of the outcome are just as important as the war on the battlefield. One side of this war sees a free, self-governing Iraq as the first step toward greater stability in the Middle East and greater security at home. It views Iraq as the opportunity to show the rest of the Middle East that there is another end than tyranny and another way than extremism. The other side in this war at home sees Iraq as an opportunity to take down the President and regain power for themselves. They question the moral authority of the United States to conduct such a war, and in fact they openly question whether this is a war at all, they deride the soldiers as no better than the thugs they defeated on the battlefield, and they slander their commander in chief as an "incompetent" with the blood of the soldiers they castigate on his hands. Each setback on the battlefield is treated as a victory for them in the war at home, each success is simply ignored. The proof of this is that they offer no plan of action, no alternative to what they see as a "disastrous policy". They offer only hatred, division, slander and bile spewed through their allies in the media. This war will be decided not on the battlefield but at the ballot box, and it's outcome will decide the outcome of the war on the battlefield and the future of this country.

Read a transcript of the President's speech here.