Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Update on North Korea Train Wreck

North Korea was shipping missiles to Syria. They exploded creating the devastation we saw in North Korea. Last week President Bush imposed sanctions on Syria (see post below). Abu Zarqawi who is a lieutenant to OBL, was operating in Iraq before the war, and is responsible for leading the uprising in Iraq, used Syria as a staging ground for the planning of the foiled attack on Amman, Jordan. The foiled attack contained tons chemicals that were intended to kill tens of thousands of Jordanians. The United States has satellite photography of semi convoys leaving Iraq before the war and entering Syria. The chances of the origin chemicals that were to be used in the attack on Amman being Iraq is very good, considering the Zarqawi link. A shipment of missiles from North Korea, would provide Syria with the means to deliver chemical weapons in a secondary manner (terrorists being the primary manner).

This will not make the news.

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