Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Update on Sarin Shell

Even as Donald Rumsfeld urges caution before jumping to conclusions regarding the sarin shell exploded in Iraq, the main stream media and Democrats are playing down the find. Some are calling the find unimportant, while others are simply ignoring the fact that it was found at all. Most newspapers have either failed to mention the shell or have buried it. It was approximately six hours after the information was made public that the Democrats continued the "Bush lied" mantra on which they have now based their entire political future. This, coupled with the mustard gas shell found two weeks ago, is a huge discovery that will boost American support for the President and the war as it becomes public. This is the danger for the press and for the Democrats. If more are found the entire basis of argument against the President will have been lost for the press and for the Democrats. After all, with a booming economy, unemployment spiraling downward, and two war victories the Democrats and the press have very little on which to demonize the President.

Two good Article re: the weapons find by:
Bill Gertz
The American Spectator