Sunday, May 23, 2004

Who Copied Who's Talking Points

Several governments and groups have responded to criticism they received in the just released U.S. report on Human Rights and Democracy
by stating that the United States no longer has the moral ground to judge others on human rights after the release of photos showing the abuse of prisoners by guards in Iraq. Among those rejecting the United States moral authority are North Korea, the Philippines and the Democratic Party of the United States led by the drunken balloon Ted Kennedy. It is a telling statement on the current state of American politics when one of two major parties shares the same perception of the United States as North Korea and the Philippines. The reaction to the report by countries such as North Korea and the Philippines is predictable, given the daily release of new photos by U.S. media and given statements such as the one linked above by Democrats who are willing to say or do anything in order to defeat George Bush. The cries of hypocrisy will be echoed around the world by every guilty country. The assertion that the U.S. is as guilty of human rights abuses as the countries cited in the report is of course absurd, but human rights abusers looking for verification of their claims against the United States can turn to their reliable allies in the media and the Democratic Party for support.