Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Claudia Rosett: All In The Family

Claudia Rosett has not made any friends at the United Nations in the past year. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein she has uncovered the largest organized scam in the history of the world, The UN Oil For Food program, from which Saddam, with the help of many high ranking UN members, was able to skim anywhere from $10 Billion to $40 Billion, while starving his people and blaming the United States.
In today's OpinionJournal she describes the family that is the United Nations:

First, let's head for the hearth, where, ensconced at the cozy core of this grand estate, we'll find the five elders, the veto-wielding members of the Security Council. There, of course, you'll run into the wayward U.S. and United Kingdom, who so disturbed the U.N. last year by chasing Saddam Hussein right out of his well-worn seat and down a spider-hole in the cellar. Nearby, counting his cash, is Russia's president Vladimir Putin, who strove so hard to preserve Iraq, uninterrupted, as a family business--Saddam's family, that is, and Russia's enormous Oil for Food business. Then there's Frère Jacques Chirac, who toiled so passionately last year in the U.N. kitchens, trying to stop America from cooking up any freedom fries in all that Iraqi oil. And, lest we forget, there's also China's Hu Jintao, who amid his many daily chores of jailing democratic dissidents and threatening Chinese democracy on Taiwan, found time last year to oppose the liberation of Iraq.