Friday, June 25, 2004

Clinton Administration the First to Link Al-Queda and Iraq

If anyone out there still believes that the Bush Administration made up a link between Al-Queda and Iraq as an excuse to go to war so that Dick Cheney could profit from re-building contracts, they need to explain how this fits into their grand conspiracy theory. After they explain that, they need to explain this.

Al Gore explains it all away by calling Republicans Nazi’s and Brownshirts. The chairman of the Democratic Party and leading Democrats explains it away by saying the United States went to war to build a pipeline. John Kerry explains it away by saying we went to war for Halliburton. Senator Leahy explains it away by saying that Vice President Cheney is profiting from contracts in Iraq. And the New York Times explains it all away by saying that the information doesn’t matter because it is old.

Meanwhile, the terrorists explain the cooperation between fundamentalists terror groups and a secular government by stating they want to take over the world. While the Democrats wallow in conspiracy, the terrorists plot to kill us, and the Bush Administration fights on.