Monday, June 28, 2004

Comments on the Transfer of Sovereignty at Iraq the Model

Mohammed at Iraq the Model has two great posts regarding the sudden transfer of sovereignty in Iraq. Here is an excerpt:

It’s a great day for all the freedom lovers. No doubt is left now that we’re winning while the forces of darkness and evil are losing a key round in this war.
With great delight we received th news. this is the right and important step to build the free Iraq and
It’s a painful strike for terrorism and its allies.
They really missed this surprising and brilliant timing. And I guess they’re deeply shocked right now.
their luck couldn’t help them to scar this glorious day with a crime of theirs

Read the whole thing. Also don’t miss his post ”Warning!! Good news. Hazardous for pessimists, trolls and anti-war!” for more good news you won’t here from the American media.