Thursday, June 17, 2004

Credit Where Credit is Due

Joe Lieberman gave an outstanding speech last night on the War on Terror. His speech basically refutes everything his party, led by John Kerry, has said regarding the War in Iraq over the past two years. This is outstanding speech for for its content and its clarity. An excerpt from the speech:

The connection between the Iraqi insurgency we are fighting today and Al Qaida’s worldwide campaign of anti-democratic terror is now clear. Bin Laden’s henchmen are fighting side-by-side with Saddam loyalists on the streets of Baghdad, Fallujah, Najaf and across Iraq – killing Americans and killing Iraqis, striving to stop the onward march of Iraqi self-government, of democracy.

This should come as no surprise. Six years ago, in his 1998 Declaration, bin Laden made common cause with Iraq against the United States. Decrying the “American aggression against the Iraqi people,” bin Laden said that “in spite of the appalling number of dead, exceeding a million, the Americans nevertheless… are trying once more to repeat this dreadful slaughter…So they come again to destroy what remains of this people and to humiliate their Muslim neighbors.”

President Bush and Senator Kerry have repeatedly declared their support for the war in Iraq and the principles at stake there. But nonetheless, today in America support for the war is in jeopardy. The continuing anti-American violence has turned off many who forget all that is on the line for us and the world in Iraq today.

This speech is worth reading in it's entirety.