Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

Michael Moore's latest propaganda film hit the theatre's this weekend and has pulled in an estimated $21 million. The Drudge Report has comments by both Harvey Weinstein and Michael Moore acting astonished that a film that has gotten media attention on the scale of The Passion of the Christ has made money in it's opening weekend. As posted earlier on A Time For Choosing, Terry McCauliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National committee stated that he believed the film after screening it. Other prominent Democrats, like Tom Daschle attended the same screening.

Will the media ask John Kerry if he also believes the premise of the film, that the United States went to war in Afghanistan not to eliminate Al-Queda, but to build non-existent gas pipeline?

At some point the media will ask either President Bush or his press secretary about the movie. The administration should encourage people to see the movie to expose the level at which the Democratic party and their supporters have sunk in an attempt to retake power. The administration should point out the fact that the chairman of the DNC believes the film, that the film is actively supported by, the group directly responsible for millions of dollars of campaign advertising for John Kerry and whose members are handing out flyers at movie theaters (and apparently assaulting people who disagree). If John Kerry does not disavow the movie, then this should be pointed out by the administration as well.

Despite what Michael Moore and the conspiracy crowd (which now apparently includes many in the Democratic Party) may think, the threats to this country are real (more here) and while the Democratic party wallows in the fever swamps of conspiracies and Hitler/Bush comparisons our enemies are plotting more attacks. The administration should use the film to draw a clear distinction between the two parties, one of which can lead this nation through this extremely dangerous time, and the other that cannot even identify the true enemy.