Monday, June 28, 2004

Financial Times: Evidence Exists that Iraq Did Try to Purchase Yellowcake

The guys at Powerline have posted this story. According to the Financial Times, Iraq did try to buy yellowcake from Niger, and the intelligence for that has existed for years and was corroborated by multiple source. The guys at Powerline think that this story is irrelevant because the administration already apologized for including it in the State of the Union address. However, a pattern has emerged in regards to evidence pertaining to the Iraq War. Many of the claims that were made and initially discounted, (ties to Al-Queda & WMD) are slowly being proven true, and although this information will do little or nothing to justify the war for the throngs of Bush haters, it is just another piece of the puzzle that will shore up the credibility of the Bush administration and the U.S. intelligence services in open minded individuals. The impact will be small, but it will have an impact nonetheless.

Read it here.