Sunday, June 27, 2004

If Everyone Had Only Listened to Me...

As the June 30th hand over of sovereignty in Iraq approaches "experts" are coming out of the wood work to judge the post war operations. An obvious example of this is an article in the LA Times by Francis Fukuyama, a professor at John Hopkins University. Towards the end of the article, Professor Fukuyama makes an obligatory statement that has become a common theme of those who opposed the war in the beginning and are now looking to continue to cast doubt on its outcome:

It's not clear whether we will be able to recover from these mistakes in Iraq. But it is clear that we can do a lot better the next time we need to reconstruct a country.

From the article it seems that the only thing Professor Fukuyama thinks could have guaranteed the United States victory (his definiton of victory anyway) is if the administration had listened to him.