Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Iraq Handover

Kathleen Parker has a fantastic article in Townhall regarding the reactios to the handover of sovereignty in Iraq.

Bush overthrew a brutal dictatorship; arrested and detained Saddam Hussein, soon to be handed over to Iraqi courts; killed the tyrant's murderous sons; restored or invented infrastructure while safeguarding Iraq's oil wells; and created and installed a new provisional government in just over a year following 13 chaotic months of insurgent attacks, with little international support and daily assaults by the media and the far left, while apparently preventing new terror attacks on American soil.

But he's got to go. Why? Well, because he's a Republican.

Even as I type, a CNN Insta-poll says a majority of Americans have little faith in Iraq's future. Yet another recent poll of 2,200 Iraqi households by an Iraqi firm offers a different perspective: Half of Iraqis interviewed believe Iraq is headed in the right direction; 65 percent think Iraq will be better off a year from now; 73 percent "believe the handover of authority to the Interim government will improve the current situation."

Such optimism following decades of tyranny, war and terror may be explained several ways, including the fact that Iraqis lived the war rather than had it interpreted for them by the American media. And possibly, they've caught wind of their reborn nation's new administrative law, which establishes inter alia that the people of Iraq are sovereign and free with rights of free expression, justice, thought and conscience.

Thanks to the media, we now live in a time when Iraqis, who live with the threat that the media is so eager to tell Americans about, are more optimistic about their future than Americans who get their news from Katie Couric, Dan rather or the New York Times.

Please read the whole thing.


As a follow up to Kathleen parkers article, please read Robert Pollack's article in Opinion Journal on the reasons to be optimistic about Iraq.