Friday, June 25, 2004

Iraqi Survey Group: Terrorist Seek Iraqi WMD Scientists

In an interview with Fox News Charles Duelfer, current head of the ISG disclosed findings from Iraq regarding WMD:

In an exclusive interview with FOX News’ Brit Hume, Charles Duelfer — whose ISG is leading the hunt for weapons of mass destruction — said terrorists in Iraq are “trying to tap into the Iraqi WMD intellectual capital.”

“When we have investigated certain labs and contacted certain former experts in the WMD program, we have found that they are being recruited by anti-coalition groups,” Duelfer told FOX News. “They are being paid by anti-coalition groups. We’re seeing interest in developing chemical munitions.”

The same process seems to be happening in Afghanistan, he said.

He also told Fox News that about 10 or 12 sarin and mustard gas shells have been found in various locations in Iraq.

No one in the media has picked up on this except the New York Post

The Bush Administration is fighting this battle, while their opponents are fighting the Bush administration (See previous Post).

Question: How many shells filled with deadly Sarin gas will have to be found before 1) the press reports it 2)Democrats will stop calling George Bush a liar?