Sunday, June 27, 2004

Joe Lieberman Gets It

Senator Joe Lieberman is one of only a few voices left in the Democratic party that is publicly putting the interests of the United States ahead of the interests of his party. It is becoming more and more difficult to understand how a person that understands this:

What we are fighting for in Iraq and around the world is freedom. What we are fighting against is an Islamic terrorist totalitarian movement that represents as dire a threat to individual liberty as the fascist and communist totalitarian threats we faced and defeated in the last century.

can remain in a party whose chairman says he believes the Michael Moore film that states that we went to war not because of what Senator Lieberman stated, but because the president wanted to profit from oil and gas pipelines. This article is extracted from an excellent speech Senator Lieberman gave a couple of weeks ago.

The War on Terror will remain the most important issue for many years to come. As the rhetoric from the Democrats becomes more shrill, immature and irresponsible, Senator Lieberman may find that his world view is more welcome on the other side of the aisle as a moderate Republican.

Read the article here.