Sunday, June 27, 2004

John Kerry: Billionaire of the People

The LA Times has a story today that might help explain why Teresa Heinz Kerry is refusing to release all of her tax records. Earlier estimates placed the Kerry's wealth at $500 million dollars. But revised estimates make that look like chump change. It is estimated that the value of their holdings is between $900,000,000 and $3.2 billion dollars, that is billion with a capital B. The estimate is based on public records. If Kerry were to win the election, he would be the wealthiest President to ever serve, far wealthier than even the Kennedys:

The couple would rank as the wealthiest to occupy the White House, far surpassing such storied presidential fortunes as the Kennedys’. Their assets are so vast and far-reaching that they mirror the U.S. economy, and will likely raise questions about conflicts of interest

Read the story here.