Monday, June 28, 2004

Media Bias At A New Level

The ruling by the Supreme Court today stated that the United States Government has the right to hold an American citizen but the detainee has a right to argue the merits of his detention in court. The media have attempted to spin this story a couple of different ways. One of the more amazing headlines regarding this story is from Reuters:

U.S. Citizen Can't Be Held in Bush's War on Terror

Bush’s War on Terror? This may be the most blatantly biased headline regarding the war on terror to date. Reuters repeats the line in the first paragraph of the story:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites) ruled on Monday that an American captured overseas in President Bush (news - web sites)'s war on terrorism cannot be held indefinitely in a U.S. military jail without a chance to contest the detention.

That’s right, the war on terror is not a war that was thrust on the American people when 3,000 citizens were killed, it is a creation of President Bush. He created this “war” so that he could use American troops to control Iraqi oil fields, build a pipeline in Afghanistan and gain domestic political support. If you do not believe Reuters then ask Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy, Terry McAuliffe and John Kerry, Al Gore or George Soros.
Reuters has now made clear what many already knew based on their earlier reporting, that they view this war as illegitimate, as “Bush’s War”. The problem is not that the press is so incredibly biased, the problem is that they refuse to admit it.