Saturday, June 26, 2004

Today's Good News

President Bush has secured European Union support to help support the new government in Iraq. Only hours after the announcement from the European Union, Nato announced initial agreement to help train Iraq's armed forces. President Bush will secure the NATO support when he travels to Turkey for the NATO summit.

Read it here.

Let's take a tally. George Bush has now assertained the support of the G8 nations, the entire European Union, NATO and the United Nations in Iraq, including the recent unanimously passed resolution 1546, which supports free elections and reauthorizes the multinational force to help provide security in Iraq. That makes John Kerry's repeated claims that George Bush chose to "go it alone" in Iraq seem more ridiculous than when he was only ignoring the 30 odd countries that were participating in the War. The hand over of sovreignty is four days away, every major international body is participating in the reconstruction of Iraq and the US economy is booming and creating jobs hand over fist. John Kerry's speech writers are no doubt having many sleepless nights.