Sunday, June 27, 2004

United States Puts Pressure on Iran

Iran is attempting to build nuclear weapons. The entire world knows this. The mullahs of Iran are attempting to make the world believe that their nuclear program is for civilian use only. Great Britain, France and Germany submitted a resolution to the United Nations that criticized Iran for not cooperating with the IAEA. Today members of the President's cabinet expressed their concern over the situation.

A resolution from the Security Council condemning Iran for not cooperating does not eliminate the threat posed by Iranian nuclear weapons. Iran was included in the axis of evil because of their support for international terror and their attempts to acquire WMD. The world cannot afford to take little or no action against Iran while the United nations deliberates for months trying to decide what to do. If Iran is allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, they will undoubtedly be used as quickly as possible. The threat is too grave and the consequences of inaction too devastating. Time is not on the side of the free world.

Read the administrations statements here.

Fox News has provided a brief timeline of recent events in regards to Irans weapons programs.