Saturday, July 10, 2004

Boston Herald On Kerry's Vulgarity Party

The Kerry campaign hosted a celebrity filled (maybe "celebrity riddled" is more appropriate) fund raiser at Radio City Music Hall. The event raked in 7.5 million dollars for the Kerry campaign. By all accounts the night was a vulgarity fest (read more about what was said here, here and here ) during which John Mellencamp called the President "just another cheap thug", the once funny Chevy Chase called the President a liar, and the never funny Whoopi Goldberg directed vulgarity after vulgarity at the President while waving a bottle of wine around on stage. John Kerry and John Edwards were both in attendance and neither of them denounced anything that was said. In fact, they were reported to have been amused by the performances. At the end of the evening John Kerry went ahead with his campaign speech without mentioning what had just taken place. John Edwards stated after the event that their campaign would be "a celebration of real American values", and after the event Kerry took the stage and said "every performer tonight...conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country."

The Boston Herald has written a scathing editorial about the fundraiser and what it says about John Kerry. The last paragraph:

That Kerry, by his silence, tacitly endorsed the content of his supporters' remarks says something troubling about the tone of his campaign. That he allowed his military service to be used once again like some prop in a movie, says something even more troubling about his character.

Read the editorial here.

To John Kerry a vulgarity filled evening in which "celebrities" refer to the President as a liar and a "cheap thug" represents the heart and soul of America. He either lacked the courage, the character or conviction (or all three) to say that he disagreed with the tone of the evening.

It was just after this fundraiser that John Kerry taped the Larry King interview in which he stated that he "had not had the time" to accept an offered briefing by the Bush Administration regarding the increasing terror threat to the country. Unbelievable. Democrats should really be proud.