Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Circus that Will Be The Democratic National Convention

The list of speakers at the Democratic National Convention reads like a laundry list of ultra-liberal clowns from a bygone era. The Republican's should send John Kerry and Terry McAuliffe a Thank you letter for putting together a group of people that represent everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party. The speaking list includes Bill Clinton(and possibly Hillary), Ted Kennedy, for which an entire day of the convention will be dedicated, Al Gore (fresh off of his unbalanced rant about "brownshirts" in the Bush Administration), Jimmy Carter (no commentary needed), and now Howard Dean. There is also a possibility that Al Sharpton will make an appearance. John Kerry and John Edwards will of course address the crowd. It is a sad statement of the party when the most moderate voice the Democrats have to offer is Bill Clinton. John Kerry will try to strike a moderate tone, but the need to appease the "Bush Lied" crowd that now makes up a large percentage of the Democratic Party will cause him to veer left. The convention may be the time that the Democrats cement their "anti-war" status. John Edwards will deliver some version of the only political speech he has, the "Two America's" speech. The speech in which he references some mythical little girl that has no coat in the winter. A speech that register's with very few voters, and even less when delivered by a millionaire trial lawyer who made millions suing the corporations many people in the crowd were employed by.

The convention will also be teeming with the ultra radical factions. They will be loud, loud enough that it is possible that their antics will be the most memorable part of the convention.

Republican's should hope that a majority of the Democratic convention is played on primetime television. It will offer American's a true glimpse of what the modern Democratic Party has become: a group controlled by the far left fringe, unqualified to lead the country through the war in which we are engaged.


This is perfect. To add to the circus, Jerry Springer will be covering the convention. Absolutely fitting.

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