Thursday, July 01, 2004

Congratulations and Thank Yous

Iraqi blogger Ays at Iraq at a Glance shares his congratulations with the Iraqi people and sends his thank yous to his "occupiers":


Congratulations to Iraq and Iraqis on this great day.. A day which is considered a big blow on the heads of those who call the United States and the coalition: ‘occupiers’.. Well.. thank you very much for the ‘occupiers’.. Those who helped us in liberating our country from the tyranny, the ‘occupiers’ who liberated Iraq on the 9th of April, the ‘occupiers’ who sent Mr.Paul Bremer as we did not have a governor at that time..the ‘occupiers’ who helped us in forming a governing council.. The ‘occupiers’ who helped us in the interim constitution.. The ‘occupiers’ who stood against the terrorists.. The ‘occupiers’ who helped us in forming and training our army......etc.. then those ‘occupiers’ handed over the sovereignty to the Iraqis.... they are the best ‘occupiers’ I’ve ever seen.. I hope they’ll ‘occupy’ the countries who are in need to be improved !
Thank you very much...

How easy it is for Michael moore and others who live in the luxury of this country to belittle what has occured in Iraq. Michael Moore can portray pre-invasion Iraq as a happy place filled with children flying kites because from his $1.5 million apartment in Manhattan the 30 years of suffering in Iraq is easy to ignore. It is sad that the Michael Moore's of this world are able to convince many in the public that the United States is an evil occupying force, while average Iraqis like Ays who have lived through oppression, war and turmoil view the United States as a liberator.