Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Democratic Party Then and Now

In his speech at the Democratic National Convention, Ted Kennedy provided an incredibly useful soundbite in comparing the Democratic Party of our grandparents to the modern Democratic Party. In his speech he re-worded the memorable statement of Franklin D. Roosevelt, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself", into "The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George W. Bush".

That is a good summary of the modern Democratic Party. They are unable to see the real threats, the real evil that America faces in the form of Islamofacist terror, and instead have convinced themselves that the true enemy of America is George W. Bush. They can provide no words of comfort to America as FDR did so famously many years ago. They can only provide hate and fear, as their desire to retake the reigns of power in this country have driven the party to extremism. How can the American people give a party that cannot even identify the enemy control of the war?

It is unfortunate that do few people have tuned in to watch the convention. Those who are relying on the elite media to summarize the event's may be fooled into believing that the Democrats are providing a hopedul message for the future. They are not. The Democrats have given stage time to the hard left in their party, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy. The American people have heard these leaders rehash material that has appeared in almost every campaign speech from the past two years: "shattered alliances", "war of choice not of need", "mismanaged economy", and the "hijacked election of 2000". Although the Democrats had said that their messgae would be one of hope and not of hate for George W. Bush, their hatred could not be contained. By the second night the speakers, including Ted Kennedy, were blasting the President. This is to be expected as the Democrats have built their entire campaign for 2004 on hatred. Kerry's base of support is the the Michael Moore/"Anybody But Bush" crowd. The party has tied itself to this, and offers no specific policies except the tired tax and spend policies that have been the core of the Democratic platform for 30 years.

John Edwards will take the stage tonight, smile and most likely give some version of his "Two Americas" speech. The speech, which he gave many times during the presidential primaries, envokes the image of one America that is controlled by the super wealthy, and a second America in which a mother cannot afford to buy her daughter a coat. It is old style class warfare, but the message will be overlooked by the media who will swoon over his smile and accent. Edwards speech is an empty message which seems all the more empty when it is delivered by a multi-millionaire trial attorney.

The Democrats have little to offer this election. The economy is doing great and the American people are more confident than they have been in two years. Despite the continued violence against Iraqi civilians by terrorists, Iraq is on its way to free and fair elections. The Democrats have nominated a Massuchesetts liberal who has taken every side of every issue, including the war in Iraq (although he recently declared himself against the war), and despite their best attepts, they will not be able to hide the fact that the Kerry/Edwards ticket is the most liberal presidential ticket in modern history.