Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Fawning Begins

For a good round up of articles regarding the selection of John Edwards please refer to RealClearPolitics.

The articles range from the expected fawning to the potential for the pick to blow up in the face of John Kerry because Edward's not so clean history of gathering campaign contributions from his very wealthy trial attorney friends. There are also those in the Media who already sense the "gravitas gap" and the potential problems Edwards will face in trying to convince the nation that he is a better choice to lead the nation through crises and war than Dick Cheney. Edwards will bring a flash in the pan bump in the polls for the ticket, but in the end brings very little to the race. He will not help John Kerry win in the South, not even in North Carolina where it was assumed that Edwards would lose his bid for re-election before he joined the race for President. The media will play to Edward's likeability, but in the end he is an inexperienced Senator who was the sponsor of zero bills that ever became law. He is a trial attorney who made millions suing, was never interested in politics until 1998, defeated an elderly Senator and was an inconsequential (yet very liberal voting) Senator for four years when he decidedhe wanted to run for the Presidency. His addition makes the ticket the most liberal ticket to ever run for the Presidency, and according to the Wall Street Journal the choice will pit many large corperations (who resent the millin dollar lawsuits by Edwards) against Kerry. Kerry has chosen style over substance, and in this year of peril around the world, that will prove to be the wrong choice.