Thursday, July 15, 2004

Filipino Hostage Thanks Government For Its Capitulation

The Filipino truck driver that is being held hostage in Iraq has been seen on a new video thanking his government for saving his life by giving in to the demands of the terrorists. In the new video he is no longer wearing an orange jumpsuit, the clothing other hostages have been forced to wear, a sign that can be interpreted that he is "safe".

The Philippine government has followed in the footsteps of Spain, who after the terrorist attack against a commuter train days before their election, dumped the popular, pro-U.S. Aznar government in favor of the Socialist candidate who had promised to immediately withdraw all Spanish troops from Iraq. Both actions accomplish one thing: they embolden the terrorists to continue their tactics of terror and murder. The United States have a long standing tradition of not negotiating with terrorists for that reason. No one should be surprised when a soldier or a civilian worker from another of the smaller coalition members is taken hostage and threatened with death unless their country withdraws from Iraq. The soldiers and civilians working to make Iraq a better country already face immense dangers, and the actions of the Philippine government has made it even more dangerous.

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