Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Iraqi Group Vows To Kill Zarqawi

A group of armed Iraqis have threatened to kill Zarqawi and his followers if he does not leave the country immediately, the AP reported today. In a videotaped statement the group calling itself the "Salvation Movement" questioned how Zarqawi and his followers could use Islam to justify their actions against Muslims, the new government and civilians:

"He must leave Iraq immediately, he and his followers and everyone who gives shelter to him and his criminal actions."

This is great news, Iraqis are growing tired of the influence of foreign fighters who are attempting to undercut the new government. As much as the statement is news, the bias of the AP against the United States in this article is also news. The AP inserts anti-US sentiments onto this article that are never backed up in the story itself. One example:

The threats revealed the deep anger many Iraqis, including insurgent groups, feel toward foreign fighters, whom many consider as illegitimate a presence here as the 160,000 U.S. and other coalition troops.

Never in the rest of the article does the AP quote anyone saying that the Iraqis that are threatening to kill Zarqawi feel that he is comparable the coalition troops. This is simply inserted into the article to make it appear that way. Another example:

It was issued a day after U.S.-led coalition forces, who have been targeting al-Zarqawi, launched an air strike in the restive city of Fallujah on a suspected safe house used by his followers.

Yes we know. The city is a peaceable place in which the evil United States randomly targets civilians for death.

The bias in the article continues and is sickening. Their is also an assertion made that the strike on the Zarqawi safe house actually killed 15 members of one family, and describes rescuers as pulling a young childs shirt from the rubble. It is not until later that the reader finds out that the intelligence was provided by the new Iraqi government.

Read the entire article here.