Sunday, July 18, 2004

John Kerry: Appealing To The Un-informed

Powerline has an incredible post that points out that a mere four days ago John Kerry's campaign sent out a press release that referred to the yellowcake claim as false. For background on this story refer to these previous posts on A Time For Choosing: AP: Uranium Claim Gets Some Support, Kerry Holds Joe Wilson Up As Model Of Honesty, The Roberts Report, Apologies Can Be Sent To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and The Butler Report.

One point needs to be added to the Powerline post. The Kerry press release that is linked by Powerline also attempts to make an issue of the fact that the President did not read every page of the 90 page document that he was issued before the war. Kerry leaves this an open ended assertion, never attempting to answer the "So What?" question and giving the reader the opportunity to draw their own negative conclusion. Since Kerry is attempting to use this against the President, one would assume that before Kerry voted to use force against Iraq he would have read the 90 page document. One would be wrong. According to his aides he did not read it. He voted for the war after receiving briefings from the CIA, but he never read the report. The report is supposed to have contained dissenting views regarding Iraq's WMD stockpiles. Again so what? The president was faced with world wide intelligence (including from the UN) that Saddam had unaccounted for weapons. So if the State Department presented dissenting views could the President have responsibly ignored decades worth of intelligence that reported that Saddam did have weapons? The short answer is no.