Monday, July 19, 2004

Joseph Wilson: The Bell Tolls For Thee

People who have abandoned Katie Couric, Dan Rather, the New York Times and LA Times and have embraced the media of now and of the future on the internet have known about Joe Wilson's spectacular nosedive from credibility since the day the Senate Intelligence Committee Report, the Butler Report and the Robert's Report were released. The members of "old media" (to borrow in part from Don Rumsfeld) are either just catching on, or are just becoming willing to print the political obituary of Joe Wilson.

The AP released a ridiculous article yesterday that stated that the "16 words" in the President's State of the Union Address had gotten "some" support. Today the Boston Herald printed this story about Joe Wilson's lies yesterday. Today the New York Times, via an op-ed by William Saffire, has brought the story out of the last paragraphs of page A27 articles and printed it in a location where it might be read. The USA Today has printed an article by Robert Benedetto that asks the $64,000 question: Where are Democrats and the media — now that Bush may have been right?

Joe Wilson Lied. He was the flag bearer that brought in the parade of "Bush Lied" charges from everyone from newspaper columnists to John Kerry and John Edwards. Now we know that the President did not lie but his accuser did. The Kerry campaign sent out a press release after the release of the intelligence reports that referred to the claim that Iraq tried to purchase yellowcake from Niger as "false".

Again, Apologies Can Be Sent To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.