Sunday, July 11, 2004

Kerry Gets No Bounce From Edwards

The choice of John Edwards as his running mate gave John Kerry no poll bounce as was expected, and as is common for challengers when they select a running mate. The Kerry campaign was quick to try to dampen any expectation of a bounce. The article cites polls taken comparing VP Cheney to Edwards, with Edwards faring well. This poll should be ignored. Polls taken by the big media outlets are almost always the least accurate and have, in this campaign season, often been out of line with more scientific polls.

As the country realizes that the most liberal Senator in the country has chosen the fourth most liberal senator as his running mate, polls will slowly start to shift into the President's favor. Unless there is a large event (terrorist attack, capture of Osama Bin Laden or Zarqawi, major event in Iraq) there will be no large or sudden change in poll numbers. If the economy continues to grow and events around the world remain as they are the President will be in good shape for re-election.